Transformational Learning

Content: So-Young Kang | Narrator: Jason Chan
Video produced by: Myles & More

In our work consulting, designing, advising, and developing capabilities for global enterprises and government agencies—both large and small—we have seen that great leaders are those who not only focus on growing their businesses, they also prioritize developing their people. The best leaders understand that their most valuable assets are their people.

The world is changing, and half of the jobs as we know it today are changing with it. If you are a leader, it is critical to realize that the best way to care for your people is developing them, not only through learning new skills, but also adopting new mindsets, to help them stay relevant in their jobs, industry, and even the lives that they lead.

However, we understand that even the best leaders can sometimes feel overwhelmed by this call to develop their people. Perhaps we don’t feel we have enough time or mind space to design learning experiences that are more meaningful and impactful. Or, maybe we are not aware of the latest technologies and methods for engaging our staff in more human ways. So we stick to safe options, and resign ourselves and our people to traditional learning methods of classroom teaching and “death by PowerPoint.”

How can we expect our people to learn new skills and develop new mindsets if we keep doing things the old way?

We understand these challenges and know that it is not easy to inspire change at work. It is our hope to journey with you to transform the way you engage and develop your people. Our methodology is deeply rooted in science and practiced by leading human development experts such as Jack MezirowMartin Seligman, and Harvard Professor Robert Kegan.

Transformational learning

Imagine seeing your team get excited about learning and applying what they have learned, or rediscovering your organization’s purpose and values in a fun and meaningful way again.

There was recently a great article on Harvard Business Review called, “Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders,” which examines why the traditional ways of development don’t work. We agree with the key points, and it’s why we integrate our scientific approach and appreciation for adult learning to develop holistic and experiential learning programs.

We believe it’s critical to co-create learning programs with you by first aiming to understand your deeper needs – both your functional and often unsaid, underlying emotional needs. Next, it’s about identifying desired outcomes and what success would look like for you. Then it’s about strategizing around how to customize and deliver the programs in the most effective way through deepening capabilities, expanding mindsets, and shifting behaviors in the areas of business strategy, leadership, and human-centered design. The integration of all of these is what we call Transformation Design.

We believe it’s critical to design learning programs to help people develop new skills, new capabilities, reflect and adopt new mindsets, and apply this consistently in their work.

Learning is a journey of continuous improvement and sustainable growth. It is not about the one-day workshop; it is about real impact because ultimately, it’s all about what happens after the training. Technology (like mobile learning platforms) can play a critical role in sustaining learning.

Grow your people—and you will in turn grow your business.

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