3 Ways Millennials Learn Better

How we can make full use of a short attention span

Scrolling through Instagram? Nothing new. Scrolling through Facebook? Nope. Twitter? Nothing. Let’s go back to Instagram.

Sounds familiar? This is how millennials spend hours on their phones, toggling between applications in search for new content. 

Yet we expect our staff to sustain their focus through hours of workshops or seminars.

Social media understands the new pattern of human behavior. They use it to hook us on their platforms and it works. 

Traditional teaching is becoming obsolete – is there a way to adapt the style of learning for the increasingly modern client?

Here are 3 ways Gnowbe is pioneering the innovation of future learning.

1. Consumption of Bite-Sized Content

According to a study in this article, the average person switches gadgets up to 21 times per hour. How do we expect people to learn at a full-day conference jam-packed with chunks of knowledge or bullet-pointed lists?

Microlearning allows information to be digested and delivered succinctly, for easier retention. It also focuses more on the practical application of learning – letting learners try, make mistakes, and train their confidence to use what they’ve learned.

Thus, the theory is first formed by the practical, and mastery is forged through higher retention. 

2. Participative learning 

Numerous studies have shown that learning is most effective when learners participate in their own learning process. This can mean anything from reflection, questioning, or answering questions.

Learning is not passive. Learners should take an active role in their learning to find a way that suits them best. Gnowbe requires its users to answer reflective questions, and also to learn from what others have learned via a group board, thus encourage active participation.

3. Collaboration

Collaborative learning styles encourage learners to share their knowledge and build upon each other’s understandings. After all, the best learning often comes by talking to others, rarely when we’re stressed out by mundane activity and unnecessary competition.

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