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Reinforce communication skills.

communication skills.

Thorough and comprehensive knowledge of a product allows a salesperson to employ distinct techniques in which a product can be presented for different types of clients. Stronger communication skills help a salesperson personally adapt a sales presentation for increased impact.

Boost confidence.


When a customer is not completely committed to a sale, the reason could merely be that the salesperson lacks credibility or confidence in the item. Being better trained about product knowledge and how it can be used can help alleviate any doubt in the mind of the prospect.

Encourage eagerness to learn.

eagerness to learn.

The salesperson’s display of enthusiasm and confidence in the product helps create excitement among clients and prospects as well.

Build lasting impressions.

Build lasting

Knowing everything about what your organization offers, enables your salespeople to become your product specialists. Knowledge sells.

Complex product information. Simplified

Complex product information. Simplified.

To help you simplify information, our platform breaks down complex information and simplifies it into bite-sized nuggets thereby maximizing retention rates; thus, giving them a better grasp of the material.  With our Learn-Think-Apply-Share model, each employee will know and understand everything there is to know about the product.

Agile platform. Made for managers. Not IT.

We have developed a platform that can be used by everyone, with or without any technological qualifications. And by optimizing compatibility with any device, we have made significant advances in mobile microlearning, helping businesses eliminate the use of IT where the need used to be most dire.

Anywhere, anytime access. Made for mobile.

Anywhere, anytime access. Made for mobile.

We know the importance of communication, and we want to help provide the finest experience to your entire team. That is why we’ve designed the platform to meet today’s internet needs and travel habits. With offline mode, you now have the freedom to go where the wind takes you. Inspiration can come from anywhere; so, Gnowbe’s platform will allow you to have all your content whenever you need it from anywhere on the globe.

Teamwork, collaboration and a whole lot of retention. And fun.

 By providing a space where your sales teams can come together to share their collective ideas and experiences, we not only improve team dynamics but also help rookie sales reps learn from the best in your organization.  With that knowledge and information, the very next lead becomes a customer.

Team Work
Track employee performance through learning.

Track employee performance through learning.

Using GnowbeEngine™, you can monitor your team’s progress, engagement rates, program completion rates, interaction measures, user happiness, program effectiveness, feedback scores, and more with just a tap.

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