The Team Gnowbe

We are a team of passionate life-long learners who want to empower people around the world to take ownership of their learning through practice and daily application. 

We care about helping people understand the core principles of topics so that they can start to live them out in a more intentional way. 

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Chief Energizer

Founder of Awaken Group, Author of "Inside Out", WEF Young Global Leader, former McKinsey and Citigroup, MBA from Harvard Business School, BA from Univ of Penn. So-Young is a serial entrepreneur who wants to change the world by maximising the potential within people. This is her 2nd (if you don't count her restaurant project in NY) start-up across the US and Asia. She builds businesses and organizations that have impact globally as she creates solutions that are borderless. So-Young considers herself blessed to be in community with the world's leading thinkers from Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, TED, and as a Young Global Leader nominated by the World Economic Forum. She is an experienced entrepreneur, published author, global speaker and educator. She started teaching piano at age 11 and started her professional career teaching in Japan nearly 20 years ago before moving onto Citigroup and McKinsey & Company.

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Technology Officer

Rok is a YCombinator and Recurse Center NYC alumni, with a decade of lecturing experience. He is a maker and deliverer of many products and a never ending student of behavior design - always figuring out new ways to make learners click. He has worked and coded among the best minds in Silicon Valley as the founder of DoubleRecall, TimeKiwi and Rok sometimes speaks in OCaml with near-perfect pronunciation.

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Chief Learning Curator

Roslina is a passionate life-long learner who believes that sharing knowledge is one of the most powerful forms of learning. Which is why she had been curating experiences, creating curriculum, training and lecturing for over 2 decades on multiple topics for various sectors and demographics. During which time she has honed the ability to democratize abstract concepts, and undergird any curriculum with principles and values. As a serial entrepreneur, Roslina has worked alongside industry captains and pioneers across the fields of private equity, Formula 1 technology, higher education, lifestyle, manufacturing, and F&B.



Chief Growth Architect

Anne-Ev has a passion for building teams and businesses across cultures and borders. She strongly believes that developing people is key to make the world a better place. When she saw Gnowbe, she was immediately attracted by its potential to help organizations learn faster and better, and joined as Chief Growth Architect. In her earlier life, Anne-Ev earned a teaching degree, an MA from the College of Europe  and an MBA from INSEAD; she was a management consultant for A.T. Kearney, marketing director for Tesco in Taiwan and on the Excom of Big C in Thailand.

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Senior Software Engineer

Uros has a Computer science degree and a decade of experience in building software. He genuinely enjoys creating reactive systems and continues to expand his knowledge. In true Gnowbe fashion, Uros is dedicated to being his best self through continued learning and a growth mindset.



Content Architect

Rouba is an Alumna of the University of North Carolina with a focus and passion for improving public health and nutrition. Her interest in knowledge sharing and content curation started in Lebanon where she conducted educational sessions on healthy nutritional habits for bedouin women and worked on health-promoting campaigns for refugees. Rouba values engaging in diverse experiences and has held roles in Educational and Non-for-Profit institutions and Start-Ups across the US, Middle East and South East Asia.