Premium Program - Agile for Business

*Standard program for teams within organizations.
Special offer available to individual learners.

By John Okoro


'Agile for Business' is a 20-session program designed for non-technical people to broadly introduce basic Agile principles, methods, roles and leadership. While Agile is closely related to technology and software, its principles are also broadly applicable beyond technology. This 20-session program is targeted at those who work in areas that are related to technology but that may not work directly on the technology themselves. 

20 Sessions

1. What is Agile?
2. Brief History of Agile
3. Principles: Is Lean Agile?
4. Method: Scrum
5. Learning Reflections
6. Role: The Team
7. Method: Lean Start-up
8. Leadership
9. Role: Product Owner
10. Mid-Program Reflection

11. Principle: Respect for People
12. Role: ScrumMaster
13. Method: Kanban
14. Principle: More on Lean Start-up
15. 12 Principles of the Agile Manifesto
16. Role: Project Management
17. Method: XP / Agile Engineering
18. Principle: Minimum Viable Product
19. Method: Scaled Agile
20. Final Reflections

About John Okoro

John Okoro is a global expert on Agile. He began his career with Accenture and has nearly two decades of experience leading technology projects. John founded Agile Services practices in the US and Asia, and has led executive education and Agile training sessions in corporations across multiple industries with clients such as Disney. John is a frequent conference speaker and the author of the blogs on agile methods. John has a BS Cum Laude from UC Irvine, an MBA from UCLA, and a JD. John is a CSP & SPC.

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