Microlearning Instructional Design 201
January 19, 2023

Join our next MID Level 2 Cohort!

Sign up deadline is Jan 15th, and our MID2 Cohort begins January 19th. We can’t wait to see you there!

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What is it?

Microlearning Instructional Design 201 is an accredited program, specifically designed for trainers, educators, leaders and instructional designers to strengthen the impact of their content for clients through a new mode of content authoring known as Microlearning Instructional Design (MID). Join us for “Behind the Scenes” Gnowbe Training in MID, participate in a Gnowbe Masterclass to receive feedback from our MID Experts and become an accredited Gnowbe Content Curator. Please note that MID101 is a prerequisite to MID201.

Our Academic Advisory Council advised us on the methodology and are the signers of our digital certificates: Professor Dominique Turpin President of CEIBS (former President of IMD), Professor John J-H Kim from Harvard Business School and Professor Neo Boon Siong (former Dean 2x of Nanyang Business School of NTU).

How does the program work?

MID 2 is open to anyone who has completed MID 101 and consists of:

  • An Optional Kick-Off Call (once per quarter)
  • A self paced MID201 Program which can be completed in approximately 10-20 hours
  • The creation of 3 distinctively different programs for submission
  • Attending a three hour long MasterClass
  • MID2 Graduation and Reunion Event (optional, quarterly)
  • A variety of feedback from Gnowbe's Instructional Design Experts for each program submitted, including feedback from peers
  • Successful accreditation with Gnowbe in Microlearning Instructional Design Level 2 based on a minimum 80% completion rate

If you would like to request a scholarship, please email

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