Summer Giveaway

Gnowbe is currently running a spectacular Summer Giveaway where we are giving away over 80k worth of prizes!!

In this promotion, Gnowbe is giving away a plethora of prizes, including free company-wide plans and even a shiny new iPad! Just imagine the benefits of winning and having access to premium features at no cost for an entire year. It's a fantastic chance to streamline your training initiatives and achieve remarkable results. Entering the giveaway is incredibly simple and completely risk-free. There are no upfront costs or obligations. All you need to do is fill out the form below before the drawing on June 24th!

Prizes available in the giveaway:

  • Free Starter Plan for one year (worth $350) - 5 available
  • Private Microlearning Instructional Design (MID 101) training and certification for your organization in their own standalone group to learn how to train more effectively using technology; good for up to 50 participants (worth $5k) - 10 available
  • Free Pro Plan for your organization for up to 1 year - up to 5 creators and 500 learners (Worth $4,300) - 3 available
  • Free Enterprise Plan for your organization for 1 year - Up to 10 creators and 1000 learners (Worth $10,700) - 1 available
  • 64 GB Mini IPad (Worth $499) - 1 available
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