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How has the world evolved and what implications does this have for the future of education 2030*?

Are you still holding on to 20th century learning mindsets without even realizing it?

Our current education system and models even for corporate learning are based largely on outdated philosophies often referred to as the ‘factory model.’ In the first Industrial Revolution, there was a need for production workers so basic math and English skills were critical to be able to operate the machines. This required repetitive tasks to be done consistently. According to the World Economic Forum, we are now living in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ where In just 5 years, 35% of skills considered important in today’s workforce will change. New skills require new mindsets around learning.

Education → Learning Mindsets

 Education > Learning Mindsets, First Industrial Revolution vs Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Source: Awaken Group

Education is being disrupted, like every other industry triggered by technology. The great news is that we are starting to see an emergence of new technologies to evolve our learning environments to be more action-based, experiential and focused on developing both skills and mindsets. We are seeing opportunities to empower many people to teach others and learn in the process. 

  • How are you developing mindsets and empowering people to think critically and creatively to solve problems?
  • How are you evolving how you educate your people for active, lifelong learning?
  • What environments are you creating for learning to take place anytime, anywhere and on any device?

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