eLearning & Content Authoring Tools You Should Consider

Kirsten Mount
July 15, 2022

These days, as we are moving toward digitalising our products and services, there are many different types of eLearning authoring tools emerging in the digital space. Each of these eLearning development tools were created with the sole purpose of helping companies create courses online in a more convenient way. Let’s explore the wonders of authoring tools below! 

What is an authoring tool?

Authoring tools are softwares which allows users to create digital learning content in a simple and instant way. There are various paid and free eLearning authoring tools in the market. What’s so great about them? Here are some of the benefits! 

Content authoring tools
Content Authoring Platform

Benefits of authoring tools

  • Save time: Authoring tools make it easier to create courses quickly. It’ll save ample learning time as well as any redundant tasks. 
  • Save money: Instead of hiring various teams to create courses, authoring tools offers an easy way for anyone without experience to create courses. 
  • Instant updates, revisions and feedback: Most authoring tools offer in-built course review features to provide feedback. Users are also able to update and revise the content easily - anytime and anywhere. 
  • Ease of collaboration: Since users are able to access the authoring tools anywhere, it makes it easier for people in various locations to collaborate with one another. 
  • Auto-backup: Authoring tools will automatically be stored on the cloud, ensuring your courses are instantly backed up so you won’t lose anything. 
  • Create instantly: Users don’t have to wait for any team member to produce courses as authoring tools allow beginners to quickly create courses. 

10 eLearning and content authoring tools to consider

Since there are various eLearning development tools in the market, it can be tricky trying to figure out which ones are worth the investment. We narrowed down to some of the best ones that’s worth trying out below: 

Man using content authoring tool online
Content Authoring

1. iSpring & iSpring Suite (Free & Paid) 

iSpring Free is the free version where users can convert their online PPT presentations into online courses. Users can also include several basic tests in their online courses. The online courses are based in HTML5. 

If you have the budget, you should consider upgrading to iSpring Suite. It’s the paid version of the authoring tool that allows you to create courses along with more advanced quizzes, screencasts and role-plays, to name a few. 

iSpring Suite isn’t that complicated to learn as well - as long as you’re familiar with PowerPoint, you’re good to go! Besides that, this authoring tool also offers the ability to convert PDF or Word documents into SCORM flipbooks. 

iSpring Suite Price: starting from $970 a year 

2. Adobe Captivate (Paid) 

Adobe Captivate is one of the most powerful authoring tools in the market thanks to its amazing features. You can enjoy creating courses filled with fun, interactive elements such as triggers and transitions. 

This authoring tool also allows users to integrate with PowerPoint, making it easier to create courses quickly. Other than that, it allows screen recording as well as running simulations. On top of that, users are allowed to create courses based on VR (Virtual Reality) too.

Price: US$33.99 per month

3. Lectora (Paid) 

Lectora is one of the popular eLearning authoring tools that offers translations by creating multiple languages courses. The key benefits of Lectora is how they offer various pre-built actions for animations as well as collaborative review tools called ReviewLink. The major plus point? This authoring tool works on any browser or operating system! 


  • Silver Suite - $999 per year (individual)
  • Gold Suite - $1,399 per year (for teams)
  • Platinum Suite - $1,999 per year (for teams)

4. Articulate Storyline 360 (Paid) 

Those looking for easy content authoring tools will love using Articulate Storyline to create their courses! This authoring tool allows users to create courses and publish them to HTML5 or Flash. There is also a wide library of resources such as icons and illustrations to create interactive presentations. 

Price: Up to $1,399 a year (per user) 

5. Easygenerator (Paid) 

As the name suggests, Easygenerator is one of the popular authoring tools with an easy-to-use user interface. Those who are not tech savvy will have no trouble using the tool as it's made for users without any eLearning experience. The main features of this content authoring tool would be auto-translation and ability to import PowerPoint. 


Pro - $108 per month or $1299 per year 

Team - $541 per month or $6495 per year 

6. Gomo Learning (Paid) 

Gomo Learning is an eLearning authoring tool that allows users to easily create a single course for a wide range of audiences. Since it’s cloud-based, users are able to collaborate among each other seamlessly. 

Price: starting from $1,035

7. Evolve (Paid) 

Another powerful authoring tool would be none other than Evolve. With Evolve, users can create courses while offering more than 60 ways to display the content, ensuring variety each time. It also comes with a Live Preview so you’ll be able to view the course from an audience’s point of view. 

Price: starting from $480 per year 

8. Knowbly (Paid) 

Knowbly is known to be one of the fastest interactive authoring tools in the market. Knowbly also offers a way for users to organise each course, making it easier for them to access it at one place. It’s simple to use as the tool only requires users to drag and drop content around! 

Price: starting from $395 per year 

9. Composica (Paid) 

Composica offers a quick way for a team to collaborate and work together easily. Users are able to access these courses via any device such as smartphones, desktops or tablets. Other prominent features include assigning specific tasks to users as well as adding different users to each course. 

Price: $99 per year or $129 per month 

10. Elucidat (Paid) 

Another popular cloud-based authoring tool would be Elucidat. Users are able to enjoy producing various course templates, surveys, and social polling. Besides that, it also supports multi-languages as well as parent/child specific courses. Furthermore, users can customise user roles and permissions, making it easier to scale the eLearning production. 

Price: Users are required to request for the pricing here


Before choosing which authoring tool to use, you should narrow down your requirements first. With that being said, Gnowbe can also be used as an authoring tool for online courses. It’s a powerful tool that is user-friendly for creation and learning! Try Gnowbe today and reap the benefits of this amazing authoring tool.

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