Gnowbe now integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot and Sugar CRM!


Over the last few months, a number of our clients asked for Gnowbe to be integrated with their existing CRM systems. We listened, and are pleased to announce that Gnowbe can now be integrated with your favorite sales productivity tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot CRM and SugarCRM amongst others!

Now you can automatically sign up every new business partner to your onboarding, product knowledge or leadership development programs with Gnowbe. Imagine the increase in sales by reducing the onboarding time for business partners from months to a few days! Without wasted waiting time and any additional effort, your partners can start learning about your organization immediately. 

Best of all, the integration is - just like the Gnowbe bite-sized learning solution - truly agile:

  • No big upfront investment
  • Takes only a few hours, not weeks to activate

Connect with us at to discuss how Gnowbe can integrate into your enterprise architecture.


Premium Programs
As learning happens in closed private groups, Gnowbe is the ideal solution for team learning and alignment. 

Enterprise Solutions
Help your employees and partners to onboard, develop and train faster and more effectively with mobile learning.