Onboarding Made Simple and Effective


Onboarding is a delicate process.

There is an incredible amount of information for a new employee to process - from policies and products to new people - it usually is a daunting task.  If done right however, it leaves the organization with a loyal and effective contributor.

So how can you get your new hires to quickly hit the ground running, integrate them into the company culture and speed up their technical learning? 

Over the last few months we have worked with several clients on onboarding solutions. Whilst they were all from very different industries,  the main challenges around onboarding were very similar and well known. What is lacking is a simple solution to address the issues and make the crucial onboarding process simpler and more effective.

Challenge #1: Time

New hires need time to learn and settle down in the new environment. They need to understand and embrace the organization’s brand and values. They need to learn the structure of the organization, key processes, systems and tools. And they need to meet people from across the organization, including HR, their supervisor and peers.  

This process can be a lengthy one, stretching over several weeks. The longer it takes, the longer the manager has to wait to see full performance and a good return-on-investment.


Gnowbe's solution: As soon as the new employee has signed the contract, he or she is given access to the Gnowbe onboarding program. The new employee can start learning immediately, and utilise the time between contract signature and actual start date to get familiar with the company’s culture, values, key processes and tools in a fun and interactive way through videos, articles and multiple choice questions. This ensures that the new employee is not overwhelmed but instead well informed and ready to hit the ground running on the first day at the office.

The result are a 50%-80% reduction in time spent for onboarding at the office.

Challenge #2: Culture

To be able to perform and be effective, it is crucial for the new hire to understand and absorb the company culture and become part of the team. Bonding with new colleagues and getting to know key current employees are vital elements in this acculturation process.

Our clients want to improve and accelerate this process and asked us how a mobile learning platform could support this.

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Gnowbe's solution: Our social features enable each new employee to connect and engage with their peers in a closed community group. As part of the onboarding program, we have developed a wide range of  two-way communication templates which enable the new hire to

  • share a picture or video of themselves with their new team

  • interact with their supervisor

  • connect with other new hires

  • ask questions and arrange appointments with colleagues in other departments

The advantage of a structured approach is that it gives onboarding a needed consistency, stimulating rapid relationship building between new employees as well as with their supervisors and peers. Last but not least, the Gnowbe dashboard enables HR to track in real-time who has completed the actions and who is lagging behind.

Challenge #3: Knowledge

Rarely do new employees have all the knowledge and skills needed for the new job. Learning is a vital aspect for the first few weeks in a new role and the conventional way of doing things would be in a classroom setting. However, classes are not run every day or when the new employee needs them.

Moreover, studies have shown that learning for hours is ineffective as the average learner starts having difficulties to focus already after 30 minutes. Moreover, 85% of what we learn for the first time will be forgotten within 21 days if it is not repeated or applied.  

Video-based e-learning is worse: Sitting for 45 minutes passively in front of  a video is not suited to get new starters enthusiastic and engaged.

So how can you provide a learning experience that is effective in terms of transferring knowledge into the job and when and where it is needed?

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Gnowbe's solution: An all-in-one solution which enables employees to learn about the company culture,  interact with their manager and peers, and also about core technical knowledge in an engaging way. The learning design is based on how adults learn, following the principle of learn-think-apply. Content is not pushed to the learner, but the learner is required to reflect and apply what he/she has learnt thereby creating deep learning and ensuring knowledge is transferred to the workplace and driving performance.

To help clients introduce better onboarding in a simple and effective manner, we have developed best practice onboarding templates on Gnowbe. They are easy to customize, allowing any organization to build their unique onboarding programs immediately, leading to employee engagement and retention to soar. Let Gnowbe simplify the onboarding process for you and your new hires. Reach out today to hello@gnowbe.com to discuss your needs or check out on the Gnowbe app our various best practice templates and see for yourself how easy it is!

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