Program Description

This  'Coaching for Leaders' program is designed for those interested to learn how to integrate key coaching principles into their work as managers and as people-developers, whether in organizations or for life-coaching. The learnings contained in this program will help you influence change in the people around you. In the process, you will become more regarded as a net-giver, a better listener and an even finer human being. 

About Dr. Angus McLeod

Dr. Angus McLeod is the author of several books in multiple languages, especially in the fields of coaching and leadership, and is famously known for his adage “simple can mean better.” His passion for facilitation, and the technology of growth (for both performance and well-being) saw Dr. McLeod inventing and bringing to market the world’s first commercial, web-based mentoring service, ‘Ask Max’. 

Dr. McLeod has facilitated master-classes in coaching around the world. He is a long-time contributor on various national TV and radio interviews on leadership and coaching and is highly regarded and sought after for his keynote presentations at conferences, as well as being a model for best-practice in coaching on various training programs. His e-courses have attracted over 20,000 learners. 


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