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Rules and Regulations made accessible and approchable.

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Make compliance accessible.

Make compliance accessible.

Forget about trying to remember long and tedious pages of paperwork, or worrying about losing a single sheet of important compliance information. Gnowbe makes all your company rules and regulations easily accessible on all your devices and all your locations.  And Going green means less paper . . . happier trees.

Compliance training is bite-sized and easy to understand.

Compliance training is bite-sized and easy to understand.

We want to help provide the best experience for your employees and we do this by transforming complex compliance documents into bite-sized nuggets of information. This not only increases retention but also improves completion rates by making it much more meaningful and not so boring.

Make compliance training more effective.

Make compliance training more effective.

With access to key analytics, your organization now has the ability to ensure that compliance is being learned.  The data you need about completion rates, engagement rates, content effectiveness and more are constantly updated and available.

Prevent non-compliance costs.

Prevent non-compliance costs.

Obtain insights into the performance of your staff, identify risk groups, and see to it that they are paying attention. Enable your organization to complete all the required steps from compliance governing bodies such as the FDA, Financial regulatory bodies, etc.  In today’s litigious society, it’s imperative.

Stay up to date.
All the time.

The scope, scale, and pace of change within compliance is the greatest challenge for any organization. GnowbeEnterprise™ faces these challenges head-on and simplifies compliance structuring by making all of your compliance information available on mobile. It’s so much easier when everything’s available on your device, no matter where you are.

Stay up to date with compliance training
Keep your employees motivated.

Keep your employees motivated. Eliminate boredom.

As compliance changes, organizations need to adapt quickly.  With a global presence, the picture gets even more complex. To ensure that you are successfully communicating key information, employee proactiveness plays a crucial role. GnowbeEnterprise™ shapes productivity by engaging users with gamification techniques, helping the community share ideas, while eliminating a great deal of monotony. Boredom be gone.

Track and evaluate
compliance training

To make training more targeted and efficient, all compliance training must be measured. Analyze your content’s effectiveness and measure the right metrics needed for your team to succeed. With our GnowbeEngine™ Dashboard, monitor your team’s progress, engagement rates, program completion rates, interaction measures, user happiness, program effectiveness, feedback scores, and more with just a tap. Less Dashboard. More Control.

Analytics access made real-time.
Flexible. Accessible. Combination made for business impact.

Flexible. Accessible.
Combination made for
business impact.

Increasing availability and commitment can address the issue of the treatment of compliance training as a discrete, single event to be repeated at frequent intervals. In short, everything is on your smartphone.  Train when you like. Wherever you like, and anywhere you like. You dictate, our application will follow. And when it comes to compliance test time, your organization will have maximum completion rates.

Teamwork, collaboration and a whole lot of retention. And fun.

By providing a space where your employees can come together to share their collective ideas and experiences, we not only improve team dynamics, but we also help new employees learn from the best in your organization. With that knowledge and information, employees become more confident and resourceful. It’s a joyful influencer in an onboarding type of game.

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