MAY 2017

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Telecom company achieves fantastic results on employee engagement and application of knowledge.



The company is serving over 600 million customers and boasts more than 100 years of operating experience. It partnered with Gnowbe in 2016 to improve employee knowledge and retention at its offshore customer contact centre

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The standard classroom training model of the company was not working for the offshore contact center employees: Trainers from the head office flew in once in a while, but there were long periods where new employees, in particular, were left with no training.

Old training: Powerpoint presentation

Old training: Powerpoint presentation

The Challenges

  • High turnover rate among call center operators, driven by low confidence in serving customers.
  • One-off intense face-to-face training with little follow-up support resulting in poor knowledge retention and application of knowledge.
  • Employer brand was perceived as conservative and old-fashioned among millennials, making it difficult to attract and retain young talent.
New Training: Microlearning on Gnowbe

New Training: Microlearning on Gnowbe



The client leveraged Gnowbe’s microlearning programs on topics ranging from regional culture and holidays of the target market to call center branches and tips on handling challenging customer questions.

Gnowbe’s experienced instructional design team converted the client’s existing content - which was mostly in the form of Powerpoint decks - into interactive digital learning journeys on the Gnowbe app. Each module was 10-15 minutes long and broken down into bite-sized multi-media learning actions such as watching a short video, answering multiple choice questions, reflecting on an experience, introducing yourself i.e., taking and sharing a picture etc.  

Only 4 weeks after signing the contract the company launched the first four Gnowbe micro-learning programs, targeting both new employees for onboarding, as well as existing staff for continuous training and upskilling.



  • 100% of call center operators who used Gnowbe felt that the learning process was not only more fun but also much more engaging than traditional classroom style trainings.
  • 97% agreed that the peer-to-peer sharing helped them serve clients better. As learners were encouraged to exchange ideas and insight, many felt that the knowledge they gained from these virtual sharing sessions helped them to improve and become better at their jobs.
  • 93% were confident to apply the content they learned on Gnowbe back in the workplace. All users agreed that Gnowbe’s solution effectively consolidates all relevant information into digestible modules on one platform that allows access anytime, anywhere and thereby improving learning outcomes.

Following the program, the company expects a significant reduction in turnover rate. Last but not least, the company also achieved the objective of using digital learning tools as a way to position itself as an edgy and innovative employer. As one call center operator said: “This way of learning is simply awesome, amazing, nice and wonderful!”