Case Study

Want to discover how to use Gnowbe? Check out how we have helped other clients leverage mobile learning for better team engagement, customer satisfaction and sales results.

Mazars Case Study, Blended Learning for Leadership Development

Blended Learning for Leadership Development

Mazars was looking for ways to leverage digital technology and actively develop its high potential managers throughout the year. Find out how they used Gnowbe as a blended learning solution for deeper engagement and quality leadership development in Asia.

Case Study, Onboarding Customer Service Employees

Onboarding Customer Service Employees

An organization that operates a major tourist attraction was looking for more effective ways to onboard and train its front line customer service team. The millennial employees were not engaged during traditional classroom training, so the organization sought an alternative to strengthen the service culture.

Case Study, Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

A global insurance company was looking for new ways to increase the productivity of both their own sales agents as well as those of their many distribution partners. Gnowbe was selected to help the company train sales agents faster and better.

Case Study, Customer Contact Operations

Customer Contact Operations

A large telecom company partnered with Gnowbe to improve employee knowledge and retention at its offshore customer contact centre. Find out how they leveraged mobile-first and micro-learning to serve clients better.


Want to hear what our clients say? Watch the short videos of learners who love us and learn how they leveraged mobile microlearning on Gnowbe for better team engagement, customer satisfaction and sales results.

Testimonial: Hertz, Logo

Testimonial: Sales Leadership

Learn how Jim Tam from Hertz, used Gnowbe to help his management team adapt to change quickly whilst keeping them inspired and motivated.

Testimonial: Lesley Dopp, Development Coach

Testimonial: Experience Learning on Gnowbe

Be inspired by Leadership Development Coach, Lesley Dopp as she shares her experiential learning journey on Gnowbe.


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