Meet Gnowbe

 The pioneering mobile, micro-learning solution enabling enterprises to train employees and channel partners on the smartphone anytime, anywhere.



 Deliver engaging learning programs for your sales and customer service teams



Consistent and timely onboarding with engaging learning program and automated workflow  


Ensure your field sales reps are ready and at the top of their game anytime, anywhere



Ensure your service ambassadors are ready for any situation



Unique learning experience for your organization

Based on the latest research of how adults learn, Gnowbe is unique with its focus on application of learning and interactive, bite-sized multimedia content.



Learning is bite-sized and frequent, appealing to the modern learner and  increasing knowledge retention.


Community-driven peer-to-peer learning, sharing and liking.



Our learning philosophy is learn-think-do, with an emphasis on reflection and application of knowledge.


Track real-time progress and completion of individuals and groups.



Gnowbe drives behavior change and business results 


of users love learning on Gnowbe


    completion compared to traditional       e-learning


learners more confident to apply knowledge




"This is one of the most interesting learning Apps... It's just like TED, with interactive learning."

Yu, Product Specialist, Insurance Industry

"I love Gnowbe! Very easy to create, modify, share and launch."

Raymond Thomas, Facilitator, Speaker and Coach

"Not only for training... your platform should be every manager's toolkit for engaging and upskilling their team."

Mr. Lim, Manager Digital and Innovation


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Sharing and learning from others

Reinventing Corporate Learning to Suit the Changing Workforce

Millennials. With many already in the workplace and more yet to come, are you ready for them?

Born between 1980 and 2000, their use of technology and affinity to the digital world sets them apart from previous generations of workers.

Mobile training app raises $1.7M to gamify workplace education

Workplace training app Gnowbe announced today it has raised US$1.7 million for its seed round. The funding comes from Coent Ventures, the venture capital subsidiary of Southeast Asia company builder REAPRA. 500 Startups and Australia-headquartered POEMS Ventures also joined in. 

Onboarding customer service employees

An organization that operates a major tourist attraction with over 20 million guests a year and 12,000 employees was looking for efficient ways to onboard its customer service employees. The millennial employees were not engaged during the traditional classroom training and the organization wanted to test new ways to strengthen the service culture.



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