Your content is complex

…. but you have only limited time in the classroom to explain and practice.

You want your students to revise and apply what they learned in class

… so learning becomes sticky and translates into action.

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Your learners are millennials or busy adults

… who have a short attention span, need a lot of stimulation or just don’t have a lot of time.


Meet Gnowbe!

Explore how to  complement and augment your face-to-face teaching with self-directed mobile learning on Gnowbe.

See how easy it is  to create interactive content for learning on the smartphone after courses or in between classes.



Our mobile first, web-enabled platform is ideal for educational institutions and  training academies who want to support self-directed learning for the modern learner.



Access the full platform from the web or quickly create and update programs on your smartphone via our app Gnowbefy for Curators.

Watch how easy it is to create a program on the app Gnowbefy for Curators:


Our app Gnowbefy for Curators is free and enables anyone with content to create an engaging learning journey and share it with their tribe



Or start learning with Gnowbe today by purchasing one of our signature open-enrollment programs, curated by leading experts in the field.