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Gnowbe Onboard™

Onboard new employees consistently and timely with a customized digital programs and automated workflow.


Gnowbe Transform™

Leverage digital learning to support employee development and digital transformation 360 days a year.


Gnowbe Ready™

Ensure your teams have the knowledge and skills they need and are at the top of their game anytime, anywhere.


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Unique learning experience for your organization

Based on the latest research of how adults learn, Gnowbe is unique with its focus on application of learning and interactive, bite-sized multimedia content.


Gnowbe - Micro learning


Learning is bite-sized and frequent, appealing to the modern learner and increasing knowledge retention.

Gnowbe - Learn-Think-Apply


Our learning philosophy is learn-think-do, with an emphasis on reflection and application of knowledge.

Gnowbe - Social


Community-driven peer-to-peer learning, sharing and liking.


Gnowbe - Real-time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Track real-time progress and completion of individuals and groups.


Gnowbe drives behavior change and business results

90% of users love learning on Gnowbe

of users love learning
on Gnowbe

10x Completion compared to traditional e-learning

    completion compared to
traditional e-learning

75% learners more confident to apply knowledge

learners more confident
to apply knowledge

Sustainable Leadership Developments

"My team was looking for ways to develop engagement in our leadership program and improve the learning experience. Our existing program was good but the impact was limited to the time spent in the classroom. When we introduced Gnowbe to support our 10-month leadership and mentoring course for Asia-Pacific, I knew it would be a massive step forward but I was still amazed at the level of active participation on the platform, i.e. how much our leaders engaged with the content on Gnowbe, outside the classroom sessions.

This was also reflected in the outstanding quality of personal development reports that the participants produced. We have seen many good reports over the years but this batch of leaders has reached a new level. And even the managing partners who are currently mentors in the program engaged on Gnowbe and embraced it!

So a very positive experience and I look forward to blending Gnowbe into more of our training programs."

David Nosibor, Mazars, Innovation Evangelist

David Nosibor
Mazars | Innovation Evangelist

David is an innovation evangelist at Mazars Asia Pacific and in charge of HR, corporate learning and communications.

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