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Do you deliver excellent face-to-face training? Great! With Gnowbe Extend™, you can now extend the learner experience and engage your learners 24/7, either with a digital standalone course or in a blended learning model to support your face-to-face workshops both before and after the training.


Engage with learners pre, during and post workshops

A group of learners engaging in the content
Depth & Scale

Enhance and sustain learning outcomes with an interactive online learning journey

Learner enjoying content on the Gnowbe App.

Analyze learner data in real-time and measure the impact

Visual preview of Gnowbe's Analytics support for Curators.

Design and distribute engaging content instantly


Gnowbe enables you to customise and digitally deliver your content. Create bite-sized, interactive multi-media sessions and engage participants on their smartphone or any other digital platform.  

'Gnowbefy' your content to increase productivity, engagement and impact.



Find out how Mazars leveraged digital technology to support leadership development.

Blended Learning in Corporate Training E-book ➝
This E-book aims to provide some guidance to HR, L&D and training professionals as to where the journey for traditional classroom training is going, and how best to adapt and thrive in this brave new learning world.

Temasek Polytechnic's Training Evaluation Paper ➝
Check out the promising results of a Blended Micro-learning Training Programme, conducted by Temasek Polytechnic and evaluated with the Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Model.


Platform Benefits


Simple yet powerful content authoring tool


Multimedia: Video, audio, images, text


Digital Completion Certificates

Multiple curators




Formative Assessment


Unlimited private learner groups 


Drip-fed, bite-sized content


Automated emails & push notifications


Over 100 languages supported


Integration with Mailchimp, MS Office, Salesforce, etc.


Social and collaborative learning


Getting started with Gnowbe is easy

✓ Pay as you go

✓ Curator training provided

✓ Personalized onboarding sessions

✓ Quick and easy setup

✓ Simple and agile content creation

✓Full access to the content authoring platform


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