Extend learner engagement from 1 to 365 days to improve knowledge retention

Imagine extending your training programs to 365 days of bite-sized reinforced learning, delivered daily to your participants to help them build new habits and apply knowledge on-the-job.

Gnowbe has helped leading training providers from 22 countries (and counting...) to do just that by extending their training days from 1 day to 365 days using simple technology.

Join us for 90 minutes and experience how a learning tool can enhance and sustain traditional classroom training. In this session, you will learn how to: 

  • use technology to build a strong community of learners and immerse your participants with your awesome content, pre-workshop

  • blend your workshop activity using digital workbooks that are easy for trainers and participants to track, share and access in future

  • facilitate engagement post-workshop where participants will receive daily reinforcement of learning actions that will drive behavior change 

  • track and analyze the progress of learners and see an impact on business outcomes


About Speaker

Skanda Rajachandra currently works as Sales Specialist at Gnowbe in Singapore. At Gnowbe he specializes in the Blended Learning and Training vertical, and works with large Training and Consulting clients to extend, digitize and enhance their trainings for better business impact. Skanda also has previous experience working in the Tertiary Education sector in Melbourne.

An Industrial Engineer by qualification, Skanda has a Master’s Degree in Commerce and Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management. Skanda enjoys interacting with people from various fields and backgrounds and is fascinated by the stories they have to share. He has strong interpersonal and leadership skills that has helped him in the successful facilitation of many training sessions and workshops.