Agile Platform

Gnowbe is easily scalable and accessible 24/7 - whenever and wherever the learner needs to access knowledge or share feedback, anytime you need to update knowledge so your staff remains on top of their game. Seamlessly access Gnowbe on the smartphone or via the web-enabled version from your personal computer or tablet.

Mobile Micro-learning

The Gnowbe platform organizes content in small bite-sized, sequential nuggets of knowledge or information. The spacing of knowledge over a period of time allows deeper understanding and stickiness of knowledge. Continuous bite-sized learning supports behavior change and creates a learning culture.


Group Engagement

Gnowbe supports peer-to-peer learning through liking content, sharing content, posting comments on the team board and private messaging within the learner community. The result are dynamic learner cohorts who collaborate and co-create.

Learning Insights

Gnowbe shows you how much your community is engaged - in real-time. Follow up with those who lag behind or adjust your program if the community is not responding to a particular program module.

Easy Authoring and Publishing

The Gnowbe content platform is built so that anyone can use it. Create your own program within minutes, with the help of templates. With Gnowbe you can update content anywhere, anytime, and publish instantly - on the mobile phone or on the desktop.
To convince yourself how easy it is to create and publish content, request a demo.