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Digitize your classes super easily and deliver them to your students’ phones with trackable metrics
to maximize learning outcomes.

With a customized and guided onboarding service24/7 support from a dedicated client success team and extensive self-help resources, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Bring Your Classroom Online Easily.

With the new situation and a significant new learning environment imposed upon us, it is important to keep your classes running. Video conferencing has become the new norm. Yet, for all the plethora of options there seems to be out there, they just seem to make it more complicated than ever. Never-ending compatibility issues, frustrating user interfaces, and poor deployments are an all-too-common problem.

Not any more. Enter Gnowbe.

How We Can Help

Speed to content creation is vital.

With Gnowbefy™, our proprietary authoring tool, you can create comprehensive classes anywhere, on desktops or on your mobile phone.

Speed to content rollout is equally vital.

Deploy learning materials to your students with just a push of a button. Create programs, deploy them and test them in real-time, all whilst on-the-go. It’s never been simpler!

Students will have easy access to your classes from any device – iPhones, Android phones, Macs or Windows!
Students can stay connected with you and each other for gamified social learning.

They will also be able to follow your classes anytime, anywhere – even offline.

Create a Powerful Learning Journey
Without Losing The Human Touch.

You’ve taught for years and crafted the perfect learning journey for your students. Now that this pandemic has hit, you’ve been forced to look for alternatives. The question is: which platforms can help replicate and enhance your ‘in person’ classroom experience?

Google Hangouts?

They weren’t meant for this! These platforms are fantastic for communications like video conferencing or chats,
but were not designed for learning and ongoing engagement after the class is over.

With lockdowns, physical closeness is no longer an option, but you don’t have to lose the magic. With Gnowbe, you’ll have
your students coming back – voluntarily.

How We Can Help

Your class, your rules

Classes work because they encompass all 5 senses to deliver a truly awesome experience to students. We understand that, and have worked hard to ensure that we integrate different tools to deliver a seamless journey for your students. With 200+ enterprise integrations, the options to craft your perfect class are endless, all without ever having to leave Gnowbe.

Video calls are great…

but they don’t help you track engagement nor manage the experience in any way. With Gnowbe, you can blend a traditional classroom with digital learning.

  • Flip the class and help students prepare online before the lesson and maximize the use of your time together.
  • Enhance your class experience with blended learning activities during the virtual classes, just as you would do in person (e.g., reflections, discussions, polls, quizzes).
  • Supplement your class lessons with self-directed online learning post-event.
  • Ensure your students can access the materials they need anytime, anywhere – right from their pockets.

What an awesome learning experience looks like

Understand what students need and get them to connect with each other and the content in advance.

During Class
Curate the learning atmosphere and environment with tailored learning journeys.

  • Improved visualization – Teach through MCQs, videos, tests, assessments and more.
  • Students can learn at their own time and place, or download the content offline.
  • Grant credit-bearing certificates upon completion of modules.
  • Make it fun and super interactive with polls, questions, posting videos, social learning and comments.
  • Social and gamified features enable enhanced collaboration and communication.
  • With robust assessment widgets like question banks and randomized assessments built directly into the app, you’ll know exactly how your students are doing.

Everyone stays connected with new content and through ongoing messaging and sharing with each other.

Upcoming Classes
Data & insights help to inform curriculum and teaching refinements, maximizing students’ learning outcomes for future classes.

Track Your Students’ Learning Using
Data And Analytics.

We understand the importance of keeping students accountable and aligned.

How We Can Help

With real-time data analytics, easily track how engaged students were

See how the class fared as a whole, whilst understanding how every single student did.

Assess, align, and accelerate your students’ learning

Get true insights easily – know how your students are actually doing. Help students reach their highest potential. Provide personalized coaching and mentoring to those who need it.

Real world, real application – See how we helped.

DMEngage: Remote Learning – Strengthening Student Engagement for Educators

DMEngage provides teachers with just-in-time professional development to help them navigate and make the most of virtual instruction to improve the student experience.

COVID-19 has caused an uncertain and ever-changing public education landscape.

Ideally, students and staff would be in person, but given the likelihood that virus rates could spike, districts and schools need to be proactive in improving teaching and learning in a remote or virtual setting.

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Deliver an engaging virtual experience for your students at a 40% discount off our plans

Fill out this form and our consultations will reach out to you with a promo code over email!

You’ll be equipped with everything to hit the ground running.

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