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Empowering trainers to scale the human workshop experience

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Gnowbe is designed to replicate and scale the powerful human experience using technology. Use your personality, sense of humor and fun designing your programs.


Grow your revenue by 40% delivering more in-depth learning experiences.


Achieve 10x higher engagement with measurable results.


Reduce time and cost to author new content with the ease of our curation platform.

Blended Learning

Combine online training materials and opportunities for online interaction with traditional place-based classroom methods. Take total control of time, place, path, or pace.


Take advantage of Gnowbe’s powerful microlearning platform and deploy learning materials globally with just a push of a button.

Authoring Tool

Create anything, anywhere. On desktops, on notebooks. Create programs on-the-go, deploy them on-the-go, and test them in real-time on-the-go.

Scale & Measure Impact

A platform that meets the requirements of individual trainers, small training institutes and large training organizations. Measure training effectiveness everywhere you go. Giving you total control.


Empowering trainers towards effective & transformational learning.

Gnowbe is designed to grow knowledge into being.  Deceptively simple in its ease of use, the platform’s design is based on the latest science of adult learning, behavior design, gamification and the neuroscience of learning. Gnowbe brings the power of the human experience into your pocket via observational mobile microlearning.

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Train in the classroom… And out.

We want you to support your clients before a workshop to help them familiarize with the agenda you have chosen for them.  Understanding that within thirty days most people forget 50% or more of what they learned, Gnowbe gives you the opportunity to create a continual learning/training program and no more loss of revenue and productivity while your employees are sitting in a classroom.

Bite-sized actions. And a whole lot of activities.

Extend the learning experience by transforming large amounts of content into bite-sized information that helps maximize retention levels. With engaging activities such as quizzes, polls and multiple-choice questions, you bring in a more personal experience which makes training more fun and a lot less boring.  When all your clients start remembering more of your training without having the struggle, you’re their new favorite trainer.

Bite-sized actions. And a whole lot of activities.
Real world. Real applications.

Real-world. Real applications.

From Leadership consulting to training companies to coaches, GnowbeExtend™ is used in different ways and different training organizations across the world with a single focus: Ease of training. The versatile platform allows trainers and training institutes to accommodate any use for their content and reimagine scalability by ramping up thousands of users in just hours. Be it one or one thousand, your content gets to everyone to make real business impact happen.


Blended learning for leadership development

How to move leadership development from a few training days to 365 days a year? Mazars was looking for ways to leverage digital technology and actively develop its high potential managers throughout the year. Find out how they used Gnowbe as a blended learning solution for deeper engagement and quality leadership development in Asia.

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The new classroom isn’t a classroom.

Digital can play a very powerful role to help scale your business by taking training straight into the pockets of your clients. Because in the in-classroom or in-workshop experience, your clients can learn a lot of principles and do some practice, but the real rubber hits the road when your clients go back into the workplace and lead and work with employees.

Your training. Their device.

Your training. Their device.

We want to help you deliver the finest experience to all your clients. Our platform allows them to access all your training content on any device – smartphone, tablet or PC – giving access to all your training content at all times. The next time your clients need to access your materials anywhere – at the office or at home, the gym or on the flight . . . they can do it with just a tap of their phone or pad.


Scale your business easily. Much faster.

Increase revenue by expanding your reach to hundreds of thousands of learners beyond the classroom. With onboarding users getting onto Gnowbe made simple, it’s just a matter of hours for you to bring in large groups of clients to your training content without having to be present at their location. It saves you thousands of dollars and earns you thousands of dollars more.

Scale your business easily. Much faster.
Analytics access made real-time.

Analytics access made real-time.

Data matters, but applying data is where the real difference is made. Analyze your content’s effectiveness and measure the right metrics needed for your team to succeed.  All that you want to know about your team is available to you at all times. This is analytics . . . Now.

Track learner performance through learning.

With GnowbeEngine™, you can now monitor your team’s progress – engagement rates, program completion rates, interaction measures, user happiness, program effectiveness, feedback scores, and more with just a tap. Very fast onboarding, wouldn’t you say?

The best platform for training.

The best platform for training.

Whether you’re a single trainer looking to train a small group of clients, a medium-sized training firm exploring options to scale content quickly, or a large organization looking to onboard global clients, the possibilities are limitless. GnowbeExtend™ is a powerful and supremely functional tool to get your training moving forward while keeping all your requirements such as quizzes, user management, coupons, payment, integrations, and multiple languages in one place. With seamless software integration, training becomes more magical. GnowbeExtend™ for trainers facilitates the productivity of each user with the first tap.


Temasek Polytechnic’s training evaluation paper

Check out the promising results of a blended mobile, micro-learning training program conducted by Temasek Polytechnic and evaluated with the Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Model.

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Designed for trainers and small businesses who want to quickly get started.

Enjoy 16% discount annual plans!

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$ 99 999

Ready to get started? Improve performance of up to 20 learners and enjoy the basic functionalities of gnowbe’s user-friendly curation software.


$ 149 1499

Want to engage smaller teams? Improve performance of up to 50 learners. Start curating programs and get the tools you need to launch your first course.

Growth (most popular!)

$ 499 4999

Ready to start growing your business and engage larger groups? Improve performance of up to 200 learners. Greater customization and more pricing options.


$ 999 9999

Time to scale with more content and larger organizations? Improve performance of up to 500 learners. Designed to help scale with systems integrations and increased support.

Growth (most popular!)
Learner access to unlimited content
Social learning in groups
Real-time dashboard and analytics
Authoring platform via mobile / web
Rewards & recognition
Drip (scheduled) content
Behavior nudges
Onboarding support
Basic Curator Training on Mobile Instructional Design (MID)
Gnowbe 24/7 Help Center
Custom certificates and logos
Custom email and in app notifications
Optional: Gnowbe Shop Add-On
Memberships and bundles
Advanced course pricing options in Gnowbe Shop
Single Sign On (SSO)
Integration with >200 productivity, sales & CRM platforms
Priority support
Custom integration with HR/LMS systems, payment engines

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