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Use Technology to Reach out to Members Virtually and Grow Together in Faith.

Easy Authoring Tool
Gamified Social Engagement
Breakout Groups
Insights and Analytics
Social Learning

From His Palm to Yours. Become a Digital Evangelist from their Pockets.

Cancelled Meetings? Postponed Mission Trips?
The Journey Mustn’t End. Bring Your Offline Live Services Online in Minutes!

How We Can Help

Speed to content creation is vital.

With Gnowbefy™, our proprietary authoring tool, you can create comprehensive classes anywhere, on desktops or on your mobile phone.

Speed to content rollout is equally vital.

Imagine being able to deploy learning materials to your members with just a push of a button. Create programs, deploy them and test them in real-time, all whilst on-the-go. It’s never been simpler!

Members will have easy access to your programs from any device – iPhone, Android phones, Macs or Windows!

They will also be able to follow your programs anytime, anywhere.

Scale the Powerful Faith-Based Experience Without Losing The Human Touch

Build a powerful virtual experience with our library of high-quality media: bespoke images and graphics, pre-built polls and assessment features to engage the congregation, embed sermons from the past and present, create breakouts groups to connect as a small group and lead your members’ very own social media board to connect with other members virtually  — all without ever leaving Gnowbe.

How We Can Help

Go Beyond One-Way Messages, PowerPoints, Zoom Calls or YouTube Live… Keep Socially Connected with Your Members.

Don’t stop once your live recording ends. With our seamless and intuitive interface*, take your members on a guided spiritual journey pre, during and after the live session. Get them to observe, interpret, apply and share discussions and insights through our ever-growing library of multimedia tools designed for optimum engagement. 

*Our app is inclusive. We want the best experience for each individual, including those of us with visual, speech, auditory, physical, or cognitive disabilities. 

Build Your Digital Training Program. Place Everything at their Fingertips.

We do the heavy lifting. You do the creating. Upload weekly live messages, additional study content, announcements, tithing payment links, spiritual music, discussion questions, engagement activities, to keep your members engaged and connected.

Manage Virtual Breakout Sessions. Build Deeper and Meaningful Discussions in Private Groups.

Grow deeper in faith as a small group and reflect in a closed community. Create a safe space for your members to be vulnerable and post questions you or your leaders can answer privately. 

When Two or Three are Gathered Together Virtually – Fellowship the Digital Way

How do we stay emotionally connected in this trying time?
Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts? Not good enough.

With lockdowns, physical closeness is no longer an option, but you don’t have to lose the magic. Connect with hearts, souls and minds together in the app. Allow them to meet and share quotes, verses, inspirations, reflections and key learnings with one another and stay #emotionallyconnected.

Redefine Discipleship and Accountability. Track Application and Impact Using Data and Analytics.

See the bigger picture. Track granular details such as attendance, conversions and qualitative feedback to help you make decisions to grow your organization. Run customized reports, find correlations to measure the spiritual health of your members and create a tailored and customized training program for them.

How We Can Help

With real-time data analytics, easily track how engaged members were

Assess, align, and accelerate your members’ Spiritual Journeys

Get true insights easily – know how your members are *actually* doing.
Help members reach their highest potential – Help high achievers reach greater heights and identify disengaged members to assist them with further coaching and discipleship.

What a Powerful Kingdom Experience
Looks Like Virtually

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Read more about our upcoming webinar!

The global pandemic Covid-19 has forced churches and faith-based organizations into complete isolation and have disrupted our order of service. We are now forced to shift towards one-way passive live streams and video conferencing calls which loses the very essence of what a community is about – The powerful human touch and camaraderie spirit among members. 

Even as physical closeness is no longer an option, the digital age presents numerous ways for us to build human connections online but are they really working? Are they really meeting the emotional needs of our members? Sure they may be virtually present but are they emotionally and spiritually available? How do they know if they’re applying? 

As a leader, quantitative metrics are good but are you getting the right qualitative data to identify and reach out to disengaged members with further coaching and tailored discipleship programs? 

In this webinar, we’ll be empowering you with the must-know tools and tried and tested techniques that have successfully helped thousands around the world to implement an integrated virtual experience that’s made human and purposefully designed to transform mindsets and behaviors. We’ll show you what it means to 

  • Go beyond one-way messages, powerPoints, zoom calls or YouTube Live
  • Bring back the authentic human experience into our virtual events
  • Grow deeper in faith and foster meaningful discussions with our members virtually
  • Build your own digital training program which places all your content at their fingertips.
  • Ensure your members are connected, and present during services while fellowshipping the digital way

It’s time for a digital awakening in faith-based organizations. The time to rethink discipleship and virtual meetings is now, and we’ll help you create the best experience for your members.

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Choose a timing that suits you!

North America: April 23, 2020, 10:00am EST
Asia: April 23, 2020, 10:00pm SGT
UK: April 23, 2020, 4:00pm (GMT+00:00)

North America: April 29, 2020, 10:00am EST
Asia: April 29, 2020, 10:00pm SGT
UK: April 29, 2020, 4:00pm (GMT+00:00)

Real world, real application – See how we helped.

We managed to get several hundred of our members to use common daily devotional materials that we wrote and posted on Gnowbe for one month. The response has been very positive as most people now prefer a mobile platform, and it allows for interaction between cell group members. The interface is easy to set up and use, and people can retain a personal record as well as track their own progress. This was useful before the COVID-19 crisis, and even more so now that members cannot meet in person.”

Wang Tiak Kwang
Senior Pastor, Brighton Community Church

You’ll be equipped with everything to hit the ground running.

With a customized and guided onboarding service, 24/7 support from a dedicated client success team and extensive self-help resources, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Enjoy a 16% discount off annual plans!

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$ 149 1499

Want to engage smaller groups? Improve performance of up to 50 learners. Start curating programs and get the tools you need to launch your first course.

Participant access to unlimited content
Social learning in groups
Real-time dashboard and analytics
Authoring platform via mobile / web
Rewards & recognition
Drip (scheduled) content
Behavior nudges
Onboarding support
Basic Curator Training on Mobile Instructional Design (MID)
Gnowbe 24/7 Help Center
Custom certificates and logos
Custom email and in app notifications
Mobile Instructional Design (MID) review of 2 programs

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