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Strategies and Plans

Digitize your strategies and plans so your teams can access it anytime, anywhere. Quickly check if they got your message.

Webinars and Trainings

Stop getting zoomed out. Engage your audience with polls, games, videos and reflections before, during and after. Stay connected and market your next program automatically.

Expert Topics

Scale the amazing experiences and knowledge you have with others. Create a social community around your topics in more human, engaging ways.

Whether you’re 8 or 80, anyone can create!

Easiest Authoring Tool Available

Never hit “save” again
All your changes are automatically saved as you type

Easy to collaborate
Add collaborators and make real-time edits – no inconsistent text changes or outdated files

What you see is what you get
Easily switch from learner to curator

Effortless Sharing

Impact, immediately
Sharing’s a tap away 

100% Secure
We protect your content. What’s yours stays yours.

It’s social
Bring ideas and people together with the built-in group board.

Seamless Experience

Stay top-of-mind
Easily set up automated email reminders & push notifications

Built based on science and research to maximize engagement
Endorsed by world-class learning experts

Fuller experience for your learners

What other creators are saying.

Byron G. Auguste
CEO and Co-Founder, Opportunity@Work; Former Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Former Deputy Director, White House National Economic Council; Forbes Contributor

In a fast-changing services economy, learning and innovating at every level – all the way to the front line – may be the only sustainable competitive advantage By making it fast, easy and affordable to bring business-relevant, mobile learning to distributed workforces, Gnowbe is an essential tool for agile organizations Gnowbe has transformative potential in the coming era of lifelong learning.

Jenny Dearborn
Former CLO, SAP, Board, Advisor 25 years of experience in HCM Sales, Services and as an HR practitioner. C-suite executive in 5 global tech firms. Recognized as one of the ‘Global 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech.

Gnowbe is disrupting future of work by helping address one of the biggest challenges facing companies – how to upskill talent quickly and effectively Gnowbe makes learning better.

Michelle Bang
Chairman, Eastspring Asset Management Korea. 20+ years global financial services experience across Asia, Europe and the US including Deutsche Asset Management, CIBC and JPM. Voted ‘Top 25 Most Influential Women in Asset Management (Asia).’

Gnowbe’s pioneering microlearning platform is unlocking the way knowledge is shared. It is a strong agent of change for businesses, educators and learners, and has re-imagined the way we teach, learn and have fun, all at the same time!

Dr. Dominique V. Turpin (Former President, IMD)
Dean of External Affairs, Former President #1 ExecEd provider in the world, board of AACSB

Great to be part of a pioneering venture focused on a new form of education, the most important asset humans need Thanks to Gnowbe, I learn everyday in order to teach tomorrow.

Dr. John J-H Kim
Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School (EdTech Innovation Expert), and CEO of District Management Group

Gnowbe is at the forefront of innovation in professional development and training to provide the most effective and scalable way to enable the
most relevant real-time learning.

Shelly Holt
Vice President of Learning, Expedia Group, thought leader, innovator and Strategist

Continuous learning is a critical differentiator to future-proofing your career. Gnowbe helps unlock and enable that potential.


Is it free?

Yes, gnowbefy is 100% free. You can also share your programs with an unlimited number of people.
Simply tap here to download our app if you’re on iOS or Android, or sign up for an account on your PC/Mac here.

What will happen to my content if I upload it to the platform? Does that give you rights to my content?

No, the content is still solely owned by you. We will not have the rights to your content.

Will I be able to get access to backend data and analytics?

Of course! If at any point you’d like access to premium features including user analytics and advanced features (such as assessment scores, automated messaging, push notifications, and so much more!), please reach out to us here, and an expert will reach out to you.

I’ve downloaded the app! What should I do now?

You’re almost there. To get started creating your very own program, simply create a free account, and select “Create a New Program”! Happy exploring!

I can really see this going somewhere! What other next steps do I have?

We’re so glad to hear that! One of the other cool things we’ve been working on is our Mobile Instructional Design Accreditation (MIDA) Program, which focuses on upskilling you in digital instructional design. We hate to brag, but we are the world’s pioneers in mobile instructional design. If this is something you’re interested in, find out more here.


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