JUNE 2017


“Resumes are a waste of paper.”

This is what I told a group of executives in a speaking engagement with the top recruiters in the industry when asked how to hire the best talent. They looked at me as if I had 2 heads and one even asked if I was joking. I smiled and said, “No, I’m serious. How much can you tell about someone from a resume?”

We need to hire real people with real skills and real character to add value to our companies. We need to hire the best talent.

So how do we recruit and screen for the best talent and do it 4x faster than reviewing resumes?

Last month, we accidentally stumbled upon a brilliant solution*. We were hiring 2 positions and received over 100 applications. It may be a good problem to have, but it was overwhelming nonetheless. If 2 people on the team spent 10 minutes per resume, that’s 2000 minutes which adds up to around 33 hours. If we chose to interview 30% of those applicants (30 people) and spent an hour each, that’s another 60 hours included. So essentially, my senior leaders, who are extremely valuable, would have spent nearly 100 hours on recruiting and interviewing. That’s a lot of time that could have been better utilized.

In order to hack the recruiting pipeline, I asked my team to not review a single resume (33 hours saved). Instead, we created a blanket response saying, if you are interested in this role, step 1 is to create a program using ‘Gnowbefy for Curators’ (our free content creation tool) to share with us why we should hire you. From here, we could assess:

  • Willingness to learn

  • Openness to new tech

  • Passion for the role and our company

  • Communication skills (verbal and written)

  • Creativity in how they create their program

  • Critical thinking skills

This was a truly ‘learn-by-doing’ way of assessing new candidates. From here, we received about 20 programs. Each program took 2 people about 10 minutes to review which equates to 400 minutes (~7 hours). Many of these did not pass the above criteria and would have been a waste of time to interview. Of these, we interviewed 8 people (16 hours). We spent less than 25 hours and now have 2 amazing people on our team. We may have still found the 2 amazing people using the traditional method. We just did it 4x faster and in a much more enjoyable and human way.

How are you hiring the best talent? Please share your stories with us.