Meet Gnowbe

Gnowbe is the engaging yet scalable micro-learning solution to onboard, train and update staff on the smartphone. Designed to meet the modern learner’s needs, staff are engaged and learn everyday, anywhere, driving business results.


Staff love learning on Gnowbe because it suits their lifestyle and the visible improvement is motivating.

They value especially the

  • multi-media approach (video, pictures, MCQ, etc)

  • easy layout

  • convenience to learn where they want and when they need it.


Trainers embrace the new tool for its agility and learner analytics.

They use Gnowbe to extend and sustain classroom training or as a better way to reach non-employees, part-timers, distributors and customers.


Managers switch to Gnowbe because of its ability to reach the modern learner where they are - emotionally, physically, mentally.

They value the power of Gnowbe to build capability and drive

  • customer satisfaction, 

  • employee retention and

  • sales.




Experience demo programs and feel the power of transformational learning.




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Learning is bite-sized and frequent, appealing to the modern learner and  increasing knowledge retention.

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Community-driven peer-to-peer learning, sharing and liking.

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Interactive multi-media learning, gamification such as rewards, notifications and leaderboards.


Anytime, anywhere

We enable learning on-the-go, 24/7, with a native mobile experience.

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Our learning philosophy is learn-think-do, with an emphasis on reflection and application of knowledge.


Learner analytics

Track real-time progress and completion of individuals and groups.


You are an enterprise and want to learn more?


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Join our 3000 users, educational institutions and companies who already leverage Gnowbe for engaging learning journeys that translate into measurable business results.



Experience demo programs and feel the power of transformational learning.