Program Description

'Leading Others' is a 20-session program that aims to lay down the fundamental principles of authentic leadership. It is designed to help those who manage teams be a more 'human' and caring leader; build better relationships with your team(s); and practice maximizing your team's potential by recognizing their strengths. At the end of this learning journey, you will learn how to apply fundamental leadership principles that are based on the latest research on what drives performance.

20 Sessions

1. Intro to Program - Caring Leadership
2. Leading from the Inside Out
3. Identify Your Values
4. Inspiring Vision
5. The Small Things Matter
6. New Habits
7. Be Curious
8. Effective Listening
9. Investing in Strengths
10. Mid-Program Reflection

11. Relationship Building
12. Empathy
13. Everyday Leadership
14. Culture of Gratitude
15. Motivating Others
16. Development Growth Goals
17. Seek to Understand First
18. Giving Feedback
19. Top-Down Communication
20. Leadership Reflections

About So-Young Kang

So-Young Kang is a global expert on leadership. Published author of “Inside Out: Conversations on Global Leadership and Innovation,” So-Young coaches senior executives globally and has spoken to tens of thousands of people in over a dozen countries on topics of innovative and global leadership across North America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. So-Young is a distinguished Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BA with Honors from University of Pennsylvania.

You may purchase the program now if you'd like to take it as an individual. If you are an enterprise, please contact us to learn more about our enterprise solution.