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Gnowbe Learn™ is an online learning platform that brings a library of selected online learning courses curated by business leaders to engage and transform your workforce. Learning on Gnowbe is unique at driving behavior change as it is action-oriented and breaks learning into bite-sized pieces that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on the Gnowbe native app or on the web. The online learning experience is especially suited for teams as learning is participatory and social.   

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Curated by global academic and industry experts from world class organizations
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Learn & share as a closed and private group, high rates of completion due to gamification
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Why Micro Learning?


We all live in a fast-paced environment, always on-the-go. We are often busy and overloaded with information while our attention span keeps decreasing.

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Learning on Gnowbe stimulates thinking and drives action  

 90% of users love learning on Gnowbe

of users love learning
on Gnowbe

 10x Completion compared to traditional e-learning

completion compared to
traditional e-learning

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Learners who love us

Jim Tam from Hertz Headshot.
Watch how Jim Tam from Hertz used Gnowbe's premium program Leading Others to help his management team adapt to change quickly whilst keeping them inspired and motivated.
"The feedback I got from my managers was a complete WOW. This tool encourages them to be a better manager every day, it allows us to have a common language. We often manage in auto-pilot and not do enough self checks. Gnowbe allows us to do this."