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Delivering Power-Packed Presentations

 Gnowbe X Temasek Polytechnic - Delivering Power-Packed Presentations MLC Program


  • 16 Micro-Learning Sessions
  • 283 min. of Experiential Content
  • 120 Learning Actions
  • Group Discussions & Sharing
  • Offline Access
  • Lifetime Access via Mobile and Web
  • Digital Certificate shareable on LinkedIn
This Course is part of an Accredited Suite by Temasek Polytechnic

Your greatest tool as a speaker is your voice. Every time you address an audience, your mind, your body and your voice acts as partners. Arm yourself with a whole arsenal of tips and tricks to stand up, speak with poise and stand out! 

    What will you learn

    What is this 'Micro-Learning Course' about?

    This course looks at the fine points of oral presentation delivery for impact and effectiveness. It also provides good examples of oral presentation delivery to listen to and offers opportunities to watch the world's top presenters and business legends work their craft.

    Who is this course designed for?

    • Business executives who need to deliver pitches and make presentations at work.
    • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to raise their presentation delivery game.

    What will you take away?

    At the end of the course, you will have learned how to deliver an oral presentation, focusing on aspects of vocal delivery and persuasive language. You will also learn how to handle questions proficiently and hold your audience's attention with a powerful story.

    Session Overview

    1. Before We Begin
    2. Content & The Vocal Dance
    3. Pace Yourself, Pause To Listen & Practise
    4. Pick Up Pronunciation Pointers!
    5. Improved Intonation & Super Sentence Stress
    1. 'Speak' The Body Language of Success
    2. Psst, Lend Me Your Ears!
    3. Grooming Power Tools
    4. Wow The Audience with Visuals
    5. Pictures Paint a Lot More Than Words
    6. Planning for Potential Questions & Answers
    7. Taking Tough Questions with Temerity
    8. NO Fear Presentation
    9. Performance!
    10. It's Recap Time!
    11. It's Dare-To-Deliver-Time!

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    Complete the Full Accredited Suite

    Learners who complete all three courses will be eligible to apply for admission for the part-time Diploma in Business Practice (Business Administration) program in Temasek Polytechnic. Upon successful admission, they will also be granted Full Exemption in the Oral Presentation & Meeting module.

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    Accredited by Temasek Polytechnic

    Beyond their core business of conducting full-time courses for students, Temasek Polytechnic is also committed to the practical re-skilling and professional development of adult learners. They believe in helping individuals and organisations equip themselves with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a dynamic economy.

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