Gnowbe Learn™ is a library of select courses curated by business leaders to engage and transform your workforce. Learning on Gnowbe is unique and driving behaviour change as it is action-oriented and breaks learning into bite-sized pieces that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on the Gnowbe native app or on the web. The online learning experience is especially suited for teams as learning is participatory and social.

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Why Micro Learning?


We all live in a fast-paced environment, always on-the-go. We are often busy and overloaded with information while our attention span keeps decreasing.

1 Program
60 Minutes Completion
Season Special

Industry 4.0

Temasek Polytechnic

Industry 4.0 is happening! introduces! Explore the future through the 4.0 Design Principles, and 4.0 Ecosystem that underpin the future.

1 Program
160 Minutes Completion

Cyber Security

Temasek Polytechnic

Explore “the sexiest jobs of the 21st century”. Learn about the endless battle between the technology makers and the technology breakers.

1 Program
135 Minutes Completion

Design Thinking 1.0

Awaken Group

Learn 'Design Thinking' by 'Design-Doing'. Start with an understanding of individual users in a more empathetic, human way to turn it into practical design.

1 Program
350 Minutes Completion

ABC of Agile

Sylvain Mahe

A practical, business-oriented program that focuses on shifting mindsets and behaviour,to apply it across functions to achieve business agility.

1 Program
230 Minutes Completion

Leading Others

Awaken Group

The fundamental principles of authentic leadership based on the latest research on what drives performance.

1 Program
240 Minutes Completion

Wholeness of The Woman Leader Suite

Wendy Tan

'Based on the book "Wholeness in a Disruptive World", it presents thoughts and practices to help women leaders be authentic and powerful.

4 Program
235 Minutes Completion

Women Leaders: Powerful, Proud, Provocative!

Ginosko Co.

Regardless of social, religious, or cultural norms and expectations, there remains a lot that women can do, it starts with being authentic.

1 Program
200 Minutes Completion


Project Management: 20 Ways To Be More Effective

Joanne Flinn

All about effectiveness. The program includes things that grizzled old veterans wish they had learned early in their career.

1 Program
260 Minutes Completion

Agile 360 Suite

Sylvain Mahe

A comprehensive program that covers the pillars of agile, SCRUM and Kanban. Especially for learners who want to apply agile methodologies.

12 Programs
695 Minutes Completion

Coaching For Leaders

Prof. Angus McLeod, PhD

Providing both understanding and practical application, so you make a positive difference to others and become a better leader, respected by all.

1 Program
200 Minutes Completion

Sales 101 Suite


Whether you're an amateur or expert, you can be a better sales person through acquiring and practicing effective sales skills.

10 Programs
225 Minutes Completion

The Generals


Aspire to become a better leader in an ever increasing volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguos (VUCA) world!

1 Program
175 Minutes Completion

Customer Service 101 Suite


Designed to help introduce junior customer service representatives to the fundamental behaviours of good customer service.

3 Programs
180 Minutes Completion


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