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Speak Japanese!

 Gnowbe X Temasek Polytechnic - Speak Japanese! MLC Program


  • 14 Micro-Learning Sessions
  • 167 min. of Experiential Content
  • 156 Learning Actions
  • Group Discussions & Sharing
  • Offline Access
  • Lifetime Access via Mobile and Web
  • Digital Certificate shareable on LinkedIn
This Course is Certificated by Temasek Polytechnic

Going to visit Japan and want to know the basics? Just curious to understand the language? This 'micro-learning course' is a fun and easy way to learn the basic alphabet and sounds in Japanese. Have fun practicing the sounds and meet other learners in the group. We look forward to hearing your self-introductions in Japanese. Learn the basics in just 10 minutes a day. Ganbattekudasai! 

    What will you learn

    What is this 'Micro-Learning Course' about?

    This course will equip participants with introductory-level Japanese language skills such as pronunciation, greetings, self-introduction, expressing numbers, countries and nationalities.

    Who is this course designed for?

    Participants with no prior knowledge in the Japanese language and who are keen to learn the Japanese language at the introductory level.

    What will you take away?

    At the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Pronounce Romaji (Romanized) characters
    • Express numbers in Japanese
    • Communicate using basic Japanese greetings and expressions
    • Give a self-introduction in Japanese

    Session Overview

    1. Before We Begin…
    2. Introduction Japanese
    3. Clear Sounds and Voiced Sounds
    4. Combined Sounds
    5. Double Consonants and Long Vowels
    1. Daily Greetings and Expressions (Part 1)
    2. Daily Greetings and Expressions (Part 2)
    3. Count 1 - 10 & Telephone Numbers
    4. Count 11 - 59
    5. Count 60 - 1000
    6. List 10 Country Names & Nationalities
    7. List 10 Country Languages
    8. Challenge : Introducing Yourself
    9. To Sum Up

    Featured Review

    Accredited by Temasek Polytechnic

    Beyond their core business of conducting full-time courses for students, Temasek Polytechnic is also committed to the practical re-skilling and professional development of adult learners. They believe in helping individuals and organisations equip themselves with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a dynamic economy.

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