By 2020, it is estimated that Millennials and Generation Z will represent close to 70% of the workforce. It is no longer enough to have a mobile responsive training experience. To keep modern learners engaged, more and more organisations are moving to a mobile-first strategy and giving employees the flexibility to use their device of choice - smartphones and tablets - to truly learn ‘on the go’.

Key takeaways:

  • Why training teams should adopt mobile-first, micro-learning
  • One size does not fit all - top 3 considerations when choosing mobile-first learning and content authoring platform
  • Showcase of agile, real-time content creation across devices with Gnowbefy
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About Speaker

Roslina Chai is a serial entrepreneur, lawyer, organizational change strategist, professional speaker and executive coach who is passionate about understanding how technological innovation can augment fundamental learning experiences.

Her professional life traversed the industries of Formula 1 technology, private equity, strategy consulting, shipping, urban development, F&B and education. Roslina has been curating experiences, creating curriculum, training and lecturing for over 20 years on multiple topics for various sectors and demographics. She has honed the unique ability to democratize abstract concepts, and undergird any curriculum with principles and values.