Program Description

Do you sometimes wish that parenting came with a manual? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of opinion available on almost every parenting topic under the sun? Has parenting really become tougher? As parents, we are united by the singular desire to do best by our children. But how does one discern between opinions, myths and true knowledge? Come on this 15-session Neuro-parenting program to learn how neuroscience research can empower you to parent with more peace, joy and impact.

15 Sessions

1. Parenting Mindset
2. The Nature vs. Nurture Debate
3. Neuroscience Fundamental: Neuroplasticity
4. Neuroscience Fundamental: Synaptic Pruning
5. Resetting Parenting Mindset
6. Principle 1: Attention
7. An Analogy for Attention
8. Turning Attention Inward

9. Principle 2: Emotion
10. Emotion: Key to Deep Learning
11. Emotion: Key to Decision Making
12. Principle 3: Embodied Learning
13. Embodied Learning: It’s Important to Move
14. Embodied Learning: A Multi-Sensorial Approach
15. Reflection and Summary

About Roslina Chai

Roslina Chai is a mother, an educator and a serial entrepreneur, Roslina's foray into neuro-parenting was an organic evolution of her keen curiosity in human behavior. As a pioneer in exploring how clinical neuroscience can empower parents to parent with more peace, joy and impact, Roslina's insights and unique ability to simplify abstract concepts have transformed the lives of families through workshops, private coaching, and talks.

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