Asian Entrepreneur: Women on Top in Tech


Our CEO So-Young Kang was featured in The Asian Entrepreneur as part of the Women on Top in Tech series. The series is about Women Founders, CEOs, and Leaders in technology and aims to bring to the fore diversity in leadership in technology.

" As a leader, entrepreneur or whatever path you may take, focus on being human first. All else will follow. For me, ‘being human’ is about embarking on a life-long journey of understanding yourself. It’s about walking towards greater integrity so that the things you believe on the inside get reflected in the companies you build and ultimately the impact your products and services have on other humans. My main advice is to ‘lead from the inside out.’

My current focus is on closing the growing skills gap globally using mobile technology. It’s about strategic partnerships with educators and companies to develop their people to get easier access to quality content and to apply what they have learned. It’s about redefining how we teach and learn." 

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