Visual examples of the Gnowbe onboarding application across mobile and desktop devices.

Experience Employee Onboarding on Demand

Preboard, onboard and inboard new hires anytime, anywhere. Gnowbe guides new hires through an interactive multimedia learning journey ensuring a consistent onboarding experience, at scale.

HR and business leaders can track the learning progress of each hire in real time and measure the accelerated time to productivity. Build your own onboarding program from scratch or use templates to customise your unique onboarding experience.

Engage Employees Even Before They Start

Start engaging your employees as soon as they sign the contract. Let them
introduce themselves to the team by video, and have the team welcome the new hires.
Once they are onboard, engage them with content around your vision, mission and
values to support the adoption of company culture. Support and accelerate
relationship building and networking through group messages and social sharing
within your closed Gnowbe community.


Develop Knowledge and Skills

The faster you get new hires up to speed, the sooner they will be productive and perform. Enable learning even before day 1, and provide access to knowledge on demand. Close skills gaps quickly with action-based learning. Make training effective and 'sticky' with bite-sized content. Share and discuss learnings with peers in the closed Gnowbe environment.  

Examples of the Gnowbe Onboard application on mobile devices.

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