Productivity you can monitor instantly

Onboarding. Productivity you’ll want to see. Instantly.
See employees’ results quickly.

See employees’ results quickly.

Provide all the necessary company information and transform training by integrating it with your employees’ workflow.  Enable them to the fullest, and give your business a strategic boost.

Cost effective onboarding experience.

Cost-effective onboarding experience.

When a word-class onboarding experience is made more affordable . . . ROI rises immediately.

Customized self-paced information delivery

Customized self-paced information delivery.

Now you have personalized training routines for each employee. This is customization taken to the atomic level. While keeping organization goals and information at the core, we provide an onboarding experience that is personal to each individual employee.

Nugget notifications.

Nugget notifications.

With timed notifications, the organization is keeping the employees excited, engaged, happy, and informed.

Onboard in days.
Not months.

Your employees hit the ground working, knowing the company goals, the culture, why customers buy, a complete study on your competition, and more.  Provide real-time feedback of a customer’s journey, and when the new reps meet the team, they’ll be ready to contribute to the company’s success. Get them onboard fast, and save thousands.

Onboard in days. Not months.
Track employee performance through learning.

Track employee performance through learning.

With GnowbeEngine™, you can now monitor your team’s progress, engagement rates, program completion rates, interaction measures, user happiness, program effectiveness, feedback scores, and more with just a tap. Total awareness?  Absolutely.

Analytics access
made real-time.

Data matters, but applying the data is where the real difference is made. Analyze your content’s effectiveness and measure the right metrics needed for your team to succeed. All that you want to know is available 24/7.

Analytics access made real-time.

Agile platform. Made for managers. Not IT.

We have developed a platform that can be used by everyone, with or without any technological qualifications. And by optimizing compatibility with any device, we have made significant advances in mobile microlearning, helping businesses eliminate the use of IT where the need used to be most dire.

Teamwork, collaboration and a whole lot of retention. And fun.

By providing a space where your employees can come together to share their collective ideas and experiences, we improve team dynamics and help new employees learn from the best in your organization.  That knowledge and information helps enable employees to be more confident and resourceful. It’s an enjoyable combination of the influencer and the structure of an onboarding type of game.

Team Work
Anywhere, anytime access. Made for mobile.

Anywhere, anytime access. Made for mobile.

Communication is so important, and we want to help provide the finest experience for your entire team. That is why we’ve designed the platform to meet today’s internet needs and travel habits. With offline mode, you now have the freedom to go where the wind takes you. Literally.  Inspiration can come from anywhere; so, our platform will allow you to have all your content whenever you need it, anywhere on the globe. It’s mobility to the extreme.

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