Our approach

Our unique approach to learning, drives engagement to over 80% on average, while many traditional e-learning providers struggle below the 10% mark.

There are 4 key elements to the unique Gnowbe learning experience




Gnowbe’s microlearning is providing knowledge in bite-sizes so that learning becomes more effective: Neuroscience research has shown that small pieces of content drip fed over a period of time helps employees learn faster and retain knowledge better than traditional learning methods.




Learning is based on our philosophy of learn-think-do, supporting application of knowledge back into to the workplace with an emphasis on reflection and application of knowledge, multi-media learning, gamification such as rewards, notifications and leaderboards.



Gnowbe supports community-driven peer-to-peer learning through liking content, sharing content, posting comments on the team board and private messaging within the learner community. The result are dynamic learner cohorts who collaborate and co-create.



We have many gamification elements to help the learner complete the learning journey including rewards, push notifications and leaderboards amongst others. Gnowbe has been built on intensive user research and caters to 6 different learner profiles.

The analytics will show you the total number of learners, the overall progress and completion rates, as well as how engaged individual learners are and with which modules they are struggling.