Learner Dashboards & Analytics

Gnowbe's microlearning platforms for learners - Gnowbe App and Gnowbe Web

Gnowbe Mobile App

Experience bite-sized content through Gnowbe's native Android and iPhone app available on the app stores.

Gnowbe Web

Engage with Gnowbe programs on the web from your personal computer or a tablet.

Self-Authoring & Curator Tools

Gnowbe's micro learning platforms for curators - Gnowbeby for Curators, Gnowbe Web Editorial and Gnowbe Dashboard for clients.

Gnowbefy for Curators

Quickly author programs from your iPhone and distribute them across the organization, instantly.

Gnowbe Web Editorial

Create bite-sized content through the web from your personal computer or a tablet in minutes, not days.

Gnowbe Dashboard

Track data & analytics, manage user groups, assign & distribute programs to participants

Gnowbe's Platforms are Cloud-based
Gnowbe's cloud-based software provides seamless access to your programs across any device, be it mobile phone, iPad or desktop. All content such as program updates, sharing of comments or uploading of videos happens in real-time. Participants in remote locations or with a temporary lack of online access can download their program and access it in offline mode.
Gnowbe's Platforms are Secure & Private
Security & Privacy
Gnowbe's platform is built according to architectural and API security best practices by our in-house team of experts. A client’s content is proprietary, private and secure. Only authorized and authenticated participants can access the content. For details of Gnowbe’s Privacy Policy, please read here.
Gnowbe's Platforms are able to be integrated to any system requested.
Gnowbe can be integrated with any system upon request. We currently offer seamless integration for over 200 popular systems such Salesforce, Slack or SugarCRM, as well as email marketing tools such as MailChimp.