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What will disrupt us next?

Our CEO So-Young Kang had the privilege to speak at the first DisruptHR event in Singapore and the Asia Pacific tomorrow. All speakers were given 5 minutes to make a power statement. Below is an extract, taken from her keynote! 

The World Economic Forum talks about the critical skills we all need to develop for the 21st century. They are, the 4Cs’.

Creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills. If you have noticed, these are not technical skills. These are all soft skills.

Most of us in HR, know that knowledge is not the same thing as the application. We spent billions of dollars on training, and we hope and pray that some of that stuff will stick when we get back on the job. But the truth is, we are spoon feeding our employees with too much content. We spend a lot of time pushing content to our employees not knowing how much of that content has been translated into behavior change. We all know that ultimately it’s not about knowledge. It’s the knowledge and the plus the action of something that's going to drive the application and the ultimate business impact. For example, if I teach you sales, I need you not to know about sales techniques, I need you to actually go sell. So, how do then elevate our training into learn-by-doing?

Let's stop spoon feeding our employees with content Let's get them to take ownership of their learning through something we at Gnowbe like to call, Learn, Think, Apply and Share. It's time for us to evolve beyond just knowing, but develop critical thinking skills within our employees through thinking & applying the concept and ultimately sharing it with a community.

At the end of the day, we’re all here, to really think about how we are going to empower our people by educating them and to elevate them. It's time we grow together on-the-go and be future-ready.

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