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Make Your Virtual Events Socially Connected.

Gamified Social Engagement
Easy to Use
Authoring Tool
Analytics &
Seamless User Management
Guided Onboarding Service

You’ll be equipped with everything to hit the ground running.

With a customized and guided onboarding service24/7 support from a dedicated client success team and extensive self-help resources, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Reach A Global Audience.

How We Can Help

Your event, your rules.

Events work because they encompass all 5 senses to deliver a truly awesome experience to attendees.

We understand that, and have worked hard to ensure that we integrate every service you could possibly need to deliver a seamless journey for your learners. And with 200+ enterprise integrations, the options to craft your perfect event are endless, all without ever having to leave Gnowbe.

Easy set-up

Live or pre-recorded content

Gamified with rewards for attendees
Social networking

Built-in CRM for follow up

*For more corporate use cases, you can reward attendees with industry professional credits for participating.

Keep The Magic – An Experience That’s Truly Interactive.

You’ve mastered the art of storytelling and crafted the perfect experience for your attendees. Now that this pandemic has hit,
you’ve been forced to look for alternatives. The problem is that all the current “solutions” simply don’t cut it.

Google Hangouts?

They weren’t meant for this! The problem with these platforms is that while they’re fantastic for chats,
they’re primarily 1-dimensional, and fail to bring the experience that you have so meticulously planned to life.

With travel lockdowns, physical closeness is no longer an option, but you don’t have to lose the magic.

How We Can Help

Gnowbe was built from the ground up to encourage social interactions…

From networking to contests, you’ll find no shortage of ways to share the magic of live events.

Conduct live polling and Q&As to attendees anywhere in the world…

Create two-way conversations and gather opinions on the topics that actually matter to attendees.

It doesn’t end when the event ends, either.

The experience lives on perpetually, accessible even after the live part of the event is over. Attendees can return to parts of the event again, review content or gather additional information. They can also get additional marketing collateral from you, re-visit presentations, or go on to build lasting relationships with group and individual messaging, built right into the platform.

Real-time Analytics and Insights.

We understand the importance of accountability and alignment, especially in times of change.
With instantaneous feedback, you’ll have true insights at your fingertips.

Assess, align, and accelerate your Impact – know what your participants *actually* care about.

How We Can Help

Step into
their shoes

See interactions and engagements rates in real-time.

Find the

Analyze communications and connections made.

Bring ‘perfect’ to the next level

Understand what worked well and hone your future events.

Real world, real application – See how we helped.


Blended learning for leadership development

How to move leadership development from a few training days to 365 days a year? Mazars was looking for ways to leverage digital technology and actively develop its high potential managers throughout the year. Find out how they used Gnowbe as a blended learning solution for deeper engagement and quality leadership development in Asia.

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You’ll be equipped with everything to hit the ground running.

Guided Onboarding Service | 24/7 Support | Self-help Resources

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