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You’ll be equipped with everything to hit the ground running.

With a customized and guided onboarding service24/7 support from a dedicated client success team and extensive self-help resources, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Keep Your Workshops Running – Thrive In Uncertainty.

With the postponements in payments, we are faced with an ever tightening cash flow. It’s important to show clients you were prepared – In fact, it’s an opportunity to show that you’re the best trainer out there. It’s important to get an immediate ROI on whatever you do.

How We Can Help

Speed to content creation is vital

With Gnowbefy, our proprietary authoring tool, you can create anything, anywhere – on desktops or on your mobile phone.

Speed to content rollout is equally vital

Imagine being able to deploy learning materials globally with just a push of a button. Create programs, deploy them, and test them in real-time, all whilst on-the-go. It’s never been simpler.

Embedded CRM and insights on back-end

Engage with participants pre and post-workshop to track engagement and stay connected.

With travel lockdowns, physical closeness is no longer an option. Bring in large groups of clients to your training content without having to be present at their location. And when it all blows over, It saves you thousands of dollars and earns you thousands of dollars more. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Scale Your Powerful Learning Experience Without Losing The Human Touch.

You’ve mastered the art of storytelling and crafted the perfect experience for your clients. Now that this pandemic has hit, you’ve been forced to look for alternatives. Now, it feels like everyone has moved onto some form of video telecommunications. There’s Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts… the options are endless… right?

Not really. The problem with these platforms is that while they’re fantastic for chats, they’re primarily 1-dimensional, and fail to bring the workshop you have so meticulously planned to life. Surely a workshop is more than just webinars, or we would have moved to that model ages ago.

How We Can Help

Your workshop, your rules

Workshops work because they encompass all 5 senses to deliver a truly awesome experience to learners. We understand that, and have worked hard to ensure that we integrate every service you could possibly need to deliver a seamless journey for your learners. And with 200+ enterprise integrations, the options to craft your perfect workshop are endless.

Webinars and video calls are great…

But they don’t help you track engagement nor manage the experience in any way. With Gnowbe, you can scale your business by blending a traditional classroom with digital learning.

  • Flip the workshop and help participants prepare online before the event
  • Enhance your workshop experience with digital learning during event
  • Supplement your workshop lessons with self-directed online learning post-event

What a human experience looks like

Understand what people need and get participants to meet each other beforehand – it’s selfie-time!

During Workshop
Make it fun and super interactive with polls, questions and comments

Everyone stays connected with social learning and messaging

Future Upcoming Workshop
Data & insights to invite interested participants to upcoming workshops

Track The Application Of Learning Using Data And Analytics – Prove Your Value.

We understand the importance of accountability and alignment, especially in times of change.

How We Can Help

The Gnowbe platform
is the perfect CRM tool

With real-time data analytics, easily track who participated for easy follow ups.

Assess, align, and accelerate
your Impact

Get true insights easily – know what your participants *actually* care about.

Real world, real application – See how we helped.


Blended learning for leadership development

How to move leadership development from a few training days to 365 days a year? Mazars was looking for ways to leverage digital technology and actively develop its high potential managers throughout the year. Find out how they used Gnowbe as a blended learning solution for deeper engagement and quality leadership development in Asia.

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You’ll be equipped with everything to hit the ground running.

Guided Onboarding Service | 24/7 Support | Self-help Resources

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