Webinar: How to Create Your Own Digital Microlearning Battlecards

Are your sales reps challenged by remembering or searching for the latest information about your products and services? Is social distancing inhibiting your ability to train and rally them? 

Give them a "Mobile-first Sales Pocket Guide" where they can locate the latest in pricing, competitive differentiation, frequently asked questions, and sales tips right from their mobile phone. With Gnowbe's mobile-first platform, equip your sales reps with an easy-to-find reference document for their products that’s always “in-their-back-pocket”.

Introducing Digital Microlearning Battlecards by Gnowbe.

In this webinar, Jim Tam, Head of Global Business will be showing you how easy it is to create and utilize Gnowbe’s FREE customized battlecard templates for your salesforce. Simply drop in your product content and instantly deploy to your sales force. No more paper, no more decks, no more emails to communicate product changes with your sales reps. 

Fire up your sales and go digital with Gnowbe.  

Meet the Speaker
| A Model for Reinvention 

Jim brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience from having led high-performing sales teams at Citi, The Hertz Corporation, and most recently at G4S PLC. Jim marries his wealth of enterprise sales experience together with innovation to help organizations go digital, expand, grow and scale. Jim received his undergraduate degree in Finance and International Business from New York University Stern School of Business and his MBA in Marketing and General Management from Dowling College.

Shift to a new way of thinking in our era of rapid change. Join us in our free webinar.   

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