Live Webinar: Becoming a New Digital Trainer: Implementing Blended Learning in a Crowded Market

Do you want to scale your training to increase your revenues by 30-40% while also increasing impact?

Quit training people on the skills of the future with tools & techniques of the past! 

To grow and prosper, your business requires a new type of trainer - the digital trainer, someone who is able to replicate a powerful human face-to-face experience using digital tools. (1)

Using Gnowbe, 365 Dagen Successvol, a happiness training company managed to scale their training and boosted their revenue by 40%! (2)

How did they do it? 
How do we combine cutting-edge technology with the powerful human aspects of training together like words of encouragement, humor, and competition? How do we encourage active participation and application of knowledge to practical skills?

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Increase your revenue by 30-40% and kickstart your online training academy
  • Help users develop new skills effectively
  • Show clients the measurable impact of your training programs over time
  • Create a Blended Learning Experience using today’s technology
  • Earn more income as a certified digital trainer in Mobile Instructional Design

We’d love to get you set up for success like how we did with huge training organizations worldwide.

(1) Using a digital tool in a blended training experience has been proven to greatly improve how fast a person learns, applies their new knowledge, and produces a positive result.

(2) In a snapshot, Gnowbe enabled 365 Dagen Successvol (365) to increase sales revenue by 40%, engage 90% of their clients over 365 days and saw each client interact 465x per learner on the group board with fellow learners. The social sharing component of Gnowbe was pivotal in helping 365 scale training with a lean team while establishing active engagement everyday with clients. The revolutionary social learning technology did not replace, but rather enhanced authentic human connections between clients.

Pick a timing that best suits you! 

Asia Pacific: Feb 20, 2020 5:00 PM SGT

Europe/UK: Feb 20, 2020 9:00 AM (GMT+00:00)

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