Webinar On-Demand: Communicate with Impact | Ambassador Briefing Session

Come join a global movement to empower communicators, educators, change-makers, leaders, authors and speakers to communicate with impact digitally while still keeping the human touch. In this new 'low touch' economy, we need to go digital but it doesn't have to be one-sided or passive or disconnected. Please invite friends and those you feel may be keen to join us as ambassadors to spread this movement. Please help us make this go viral. 🚀

A powerful digital storyteller:

Share powerful stories or experiences and engage others in your journey. Tell your story🌈

2. ENTERTAINS 🎤🤸‍♂️💃
Teach people how to do something fun (e.g., dance, cook, play an instrument, paint)

3. EDUCATES 👩🏽‍🏫
Share a BIG IDEA for the world to engage in (e.g., wellness, climate change, education, jobs creation)

Show the world that you’ve got what it takes to #CommunicateWithImpact. For more, head over at ​https://learn.gnowbe.com/cwi

For a replay of this session or to share the webinar, use this link https://be.gnowbe.com/cp3x7ocsqxmu4iag for the full program on our Gnowbe app. The program contains multimedia content from the webinar - slides, the webinar recording, and audience contributions.

Please note: the webinar recording is accessed within the last session.

Meet The Speaker

Liz Ortiguera

Liz Ortiguera

EVP, Global Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Gnowbe

Liz Ortiguera is a global executive with over 25 years of experience across multiple industries (Travel, Tech, Education, Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals) and multiple functions (Strategy, R&D, Marketing, Product Development, Partnerships and General Management). After an initial career in the pharma industry as a scientist/engineer, she embarked on an 18 year career with American Express in Asia working in three divisions. For 10 years she was the General Manager for Amex’s Travel Partner Network across 28 countries in Asia-Pacific. She transitioned from MNC to start-up life four years ago after completing a Stanford Sr Executive Program focussed on entrepreneurship and innovation. In the past four years, she has worked with several startups (technology, travel and education-related) and recently launched her own social enterprise to educate students and corporates on social impact. In her personal life, Liz has been a continual advocate of education as a poverty alleviation strategy working with NGOs in Cambodia, the Philippines, and now regionally with the PATA Foundation. Liz is an alumni of Stanford University Graduate Business School, Columbia University Graduate Business School and holds dual bachelor's degrees from New York University and The Cooper Union in New York.

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