Live Webinar: Design Your Next Powerful Virtual Experience

The COVID-19 outbreak has now reached a critical new phase. Businesses need to find ways to act decisively to contain the pandemic. We hear many concerns over canceled training and the risk to trainers and businesses who've been affected due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Businesses are forced to activate business continuity plans and shift towards remote working and learning. As such, virtual learning modes are becoming the new norm, and business leaders need to be able to manage the seamless transition between offline and online.

We have been empowering thousands around the world on how to transform their virtual meetings into ways more than a Zoom or Webex call, by not only providing a collaborative platform with awesome content but also providing the built-in data, analytics and marketing engine required to stay connected with your audience.

Join us in our upcoming webinar as we share the benefits of virtual learning - We will show you how to transform your video calls into a digital experience that is engaging, measurable and sustainable.

Asia: June 19, 2020, 9:00 AM SGT 

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