Webinar On-Demand: Digitally Transforming NGOs. Combine Fundraising, Education and Engagement All-in-One

For many Not-for-Profits, COVID-19 has severely impacted their traditional ways to fundraise and reach the beneficiaries for their organizations. Gnowbe provides a versatile platform that can:

  • Educate and engage your current and new supporters
  • Reach your beneficiaries if your mission is to deploy education or vocational training - our courses are effective, mobile-friendly, and available off-line
  • Inspire and engage donations

Gnowbe works with many Not-for-Profit organizations globally and we hear leaders share their concerns as to how they will be to continue to deliver their programs and services.

If you’re an NGO, association, or even an organization that’s just financially challenged to keep your company running during these stressful times, please join Jim Tam, Head of Business Development at Gnowbe, as he shares innovative methods and strategies you can adopt to help you:

  1. Fundraise virtually while promoting your company’s purpose and mission
  2. Deploy low-cost education or vocational training during this period of social distancing
  3. Communicate digitally and provide value for your beneficiaries and donors at a fraction of the cost
  4. Create job opportunities and close the skills gap of beneficiaries using career pathways
  5. Promote active engagement with donors, volunteers and the community - anytime, anywhere without the need for physical meetups

Meet the Speaker

Jim brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience from having led high performing sales teams at Citi, The Hertz Corporation and most recently at G4S PLC. Jim works with many non-profit boards and marries his wealth of enterprise sales experience together with innovation to help organizations go digital, expand, grow and scale. Jim received his undergraduate degree in Finance and International Business from New York University Stern School of Business and his MBA in Marketing and General Management from Dowling College.

For a replay of this session or to share the webinar, use this link https://gnow.be/cct9sobm8xut6kn6 for the full program on our Gnowbe app. The program contains multimedia content from the webinar - slides, the webinar recording, and audience contributions.

Please note: the webinar recording is accessed within the last session.

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