Webinar On-Demand: Future Skills for the New Digital Trainer

With the push to virtual learning, instructors need to innovate beyond monotonous video monologues to create value and engagement. 

Learn about microlearning and how you can transform your content easily into a multi-media format that is much more fun and engaging. Learn how you can easily digitize your workshops, coaching, or regular communications and improve effectiveness and engagement.

The world’s first 'Mobile Instructional Design Accreditation’ program teaches you both the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of how to design impactful digital experiences. 

Join us in our upcoming webinar on this critical current and future skill - mobile instructional design. Come hear the experiences of practitioners who are currently going through the journey of being accredited. 

Questions we will be discussing will include: 

  1. What is microlearning and mobile instructional design?
  2. What are the current and future trends in digital learning and engagement?
  3. How can I create more value and effectiveness in the new 'low touch' economy?

For a replay of this session or to share the webinar, use this link https://be.gnowbe.com/cp3x7ocsqxmu4iag for the full program on our Gnowbe app. The program contains multimedia content from the webinar - slides, the webinar recording, and audience contributions.

Please note: the webinar recording is accessed within the last session

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