Webinar On-Demand: How to Attract, Develop & Retain High-Performing Sales Talent

Every time a sales rep leaves, it costs your company at least $120k – in terms of lost productivity, recruitment, onboarding, development, and, worst of all, opportunity costs. 

This is not unique: sales roles are the hardest for employers to fill globally and one reason for this is that sales skills have evolved significantly in recent years. The problem is that not enough people have those skills, and companies haven’t changed the way they develop their sales reps for the new normal.

In this 50-minute webinar, Alan Maguire, Co-founder, and CEO of the Entrepreneurial Sales Institute (ESI) will address the global shortage of sales skills of today’s sales reps.

ESI works with many global companies, and Alan will share his perspective on the issues today’s sales reps face and what companies need to do to retain their sales reps and keep them operating at high-performance levels – all the time.

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Meet the Speaker
| A Model for Reinvention 

Alan is Co-Founder & CEO of the Entrepreneurial Sales Institute [ESI] which was established to address the global shortage of sales skills today.

ESI was founded because sales roles are the hardest to fill for employers globally and ESI believes this is because the skill of selling has evolved profoundly but sales education has not.

Alan has decades of experience in both the multinational & start-up digital sector having run businesses, commercial & sales organisations across the globe.

Alan was Commercial Director of e-learning business Electric Paper prior to its exit to ThirdForce plc. At ThirdForce, he became Managing Director of the International business unit and served as an Executive Director on the plc Board. He is also a Director of CustomerMinds and a Partner at Leaf Investments.

Jim brings over 20 years of sales and marketing experience from having led high-performing sales teams at Citi, The Hertz Corporation, and most recently at G4S PLC. Jim marries his wealth of enterprise sales experience together with innovation to help organizations go digital, expand, grow and scale. Jim received his undergraduate degree in Finance and International Business from New York University Stern School of Business and his MBA in Marketing and General Management from Dowling College.

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