Building Mobile Instructional Design Skills for a Post-Covid World

Get ready for the world’s 1st mobile instructional design certification

Are you ready and equipped to apply the next level of learning and design into your virtual training? Join learning experts impacting innovation in instructional design and the future of education.

With the rise of virtual learning modes, a new generation of instructional design calls for the most advanced and creative learning designers and trainers to rethink content delivery. Learn more about the MID accreditation program and be empowered to rewrite history with pioneering instructional design frameworks curated by experts.

This is a follow-up webinar from the first run we did "Designing Powerful Virtual Learning Experiences during Covid-19."  If you have not attended, do register here.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how you can: 

  1. Apply advanced new principles of adult learning to drive application and business performance 
  2. Engage the growing millennial workforce to act and think critically in a participatory manner 
  3. Leverage on digital learning 4.0 to grow your business 
  4. Join the pioneering ecosystem of freelance Mobile Instructional Designers and make more money by taking on projects

Access Recording:

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